SiteGround Review: After 8 Months With SiteGround…

Today marks the 8-month 18-month (updated to reflect the time that has passed – but my sentiments are still exactly the same, thank God) anniversary of me using SiteGround as my hosting provider, so I thought I would write a review about my experience with SiteGround.

Full disclaimer: All links to Siteground in this post are affiliate links. While I am an affiliate for Siteground, I only do so because I really LOVE SiteGround

This post is applicable as of now (2018), I’ll update this post and may recommend other hosting providers if SiteGround starts deteriorating as we’ve seen with Hostgator previously.

I recommend SiteGround to all my readers – you can check out my step-by-step tutorial here: Blogging For Beginners: How to Start a Blog in 20 Minutes.

Siteground web hosting review: What's the best web host for your blog and online business?
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Without further ado, let’s rock!

Siteground Review: Superior 24/7 Support


Seriously. Their support is top-notch. First of all, it is fast. You get connected to a support person that actually knows their stuff in a matter of seconds.

I used to be with Hostgator and it once took me so long to connect with a support personnel I even fell asleep waiting.

SiteGround actually has legit support staff, not outsourced support who don’t have a clue about what’s going on. Yes, I shall not name names but certain big-name hosting providers actually do that.

Sometimes I wonder how Siteground manages to run a profitable business because I know quality support does not come cheap. Haha.

Here are just some of the stuff Siteground has helped me with over the months:

  • When I signed up, I accidentally asked for servers located in Asia. I wanted to change it to servers in the US (where majority of my readers are located). They changed it for me for free even though they usually charge for this, because my account was new.
  • Installed a SSL certificate for me, fo free.
  • Went into complications with the SSL certificate, they helped me with it.
  • Ran into temporary problems with my email service provider and had to switch to a custom sending domain, they helped me with really technical stuff.

Very recently, I ran into this problem with Convertkit (which I love btw, this was an anomaly) which required me to tweak some email records on SiteGround’s end, and having them respond immediately relieved so much of my stress.

I have to admit that it was because of SiteGround’s amazing support throughout this issue that prompted me to write this Siteground review, because I felt like they really REALLY over-delivered.

There were multiple occurrences where I screwed up something on my website. You know that moment of panic when your website goes down because you messed up that bit of code?

Having SiteGround’s support by my side almost immediately helped me so much because I was able to reinstate my backups (done by SiteGround once again) as quickly as possible.

Time is money in business


Siteground’s support alone is priceless and makes them the best of the pack.

Most hosting providers are able to run decently but the support makes all the difference.

When something goes wrong I am SO happy that I chose SiteGround as my hosting provider.

Time and again, SiteGround has saved me from so much trouble because their support staff solved my issues in a matter of seconds.

Click here to check SiteGround out.


Click here to access my tutorial on how to start a blog with SiteGround. I will get you through all the tech so don’t worry. It has been shared more than 50,000 times and has helped thousands of bloggers and entrepreneurs launch their blogs!

They don’t do funky stuff


You probably would have heard of hosts that are a nightmare to deal with, doing things like shutting down your site indiscriminately or robbing you of your backups unless you pay.

Anyway, I have yet to hear anything like this from SiteGround. I feel that good communication makes all the difference in a reliable host – and that’s precisely what SiteGround prides itself on.

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Decent up-time


My website gets quite a number of hits every day, so it is pertinent that my site remains online.

Over the past 8 months I would say that my website has been down like, maybe twice for a few seconds?

In fact, I only notice the outages because I’m using an up-time monitor, which automatically notifies me when my site goes down, even if it’s just for 0.0001 seconds. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t even notice anything.

This is very decent and I am very happy with my website’s up-time performance. Most hosting providers promise “99.99% up-time” but do not keep to their promise.

Website Speed


My website speed is great. There was once my site became real slow (due to server side issues), I went to support and they fixed it immediately.

However I have to say that most of the time, if your website is slow, it usually isn’t due to your host but what you have on your website. SiteGround also has their own caching system that you can use which will speed up your site significantly.

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Everything else


There are many other reasons why #TeamSiteGround – such as…

  • Affordable pricing
  • 30-day risk-free money back guarantee (try and if you don’t like, you get a FULL refund)
  • Free set-up and transfer (if you’re transferring to SiteGround, it’s 100% fuss-free and they guide you through everything)
  • 1-click WordPress installation
  • A free domain name (which costs about $10USD annually)
  • Free daily backups
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • …and so much more!

Most importantly, SiteGround’s support is the best. The end.

Click here to check SiteGround out, or if you need more guidance, click here to access my guided tutorial on how to start a blog with SiteGround.

I hope you’ve found this Siteground review useful.

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