What Happened To Me – Breast Cancer.

Note from Raelyn: This was first sent as a newsletter to my email list on March 21, 2023. I’ve had many replies thanking me about sharing my experience, but I’ve decided to post this & a couple of other emails to my blog too! And yes, I have since fully recovered. 🙂

Many of you have emailed / DMed me to ask about what happened to me as I seemed to have “disappeared”…

So I thought that I would write an email to share vulnerably about what actually happened to me.

Here’s What Happened.

There’s no pretty way to say this: In June 2021, I was diagnosed with Stage 2B Breast Cancer.

This was a huge shock to me as I was only 26 years old (28 going 29 now).

While I continued serving customers back-end, I took an indefinite hiatus from creating content and marketing actively to focus on my health and to fight for my life.

I was lucky enough to survive the cancer, and am on the road to full recovery.

But unfortunately, I know of many women who were not so lucky and have lost their lives to the disease.

In fact, I have made many friends with women who are still battling breast cancer every single day as terminal cancer patients, even right now.

TBH, I struggled with deciding whether I should share this news publicly, but as you know, I have always been very personal with all of you here on my email list.

I see you guys as my friends.

So here I am 🙂

If There’s Anything I Learned, Life Can Be Very Unfair – And Things Can Change Very Quickly.

Right before my diagnosis, everything in my life was going well for me.

My business was hitting 7 figures, I found the partner of my dreams, I was young and completely healthy, and I was generally very happy and contented with my life.

Then, everything changed. Cancer struck.

So yep, life can be very unfair – and things can change in your life very quickly. Never take anything for granted and always prioritize your health, no matter what.

And the flip side of this is true as well – if life is currently going badly for you, it can all turn around and things can get better really quickly too.

Funny how life works 🙂

What Was I Busy With?

Two words: Cancer treatments.

I had to go through 6 months of chemotherapy, a surgery where I was hospitalised for a week, 25 rounds of radiation, and 1 year of targeted therapy.

Yeah, I lost all my hair, I had lung inflammation for half a year, fever for a month, my left arm is permanently slightly numb, I had some lung scarring… the list goes on.

Thankfully, the worst is over.

Why Am I Emailing You Now?

I thought hard about whether I should even bother (as it would be easier to just hide the fact that I had cancer and keep it private and just talk about business), and if anyone would even be interested…

But then I was reminded that cancer happens to many of us, CEOs included… and many of you would benefit from my experience – if not now, then eventually.

Cancer does not discriminate.

There are so many things that I wished I would have done differently, so I will be sharing the lessons I’ve learned from having cancer as a CEO in my upcoming emails 🙂

Wait… Who Are You Again?

Most of you would probably remember who I am, judging by the multiple emails asking where I’ve disappeared to. But in case you’ve forgotten about who the heck I am, I’m Raelyn Tan, and you can visit my website here – raelyntan.com.

You would probably have known me as the creator of The Happy Subscribers Toolkit (email templates), Sales Page Backpack (sales page templates), or List Building Incubator (list building program).

You can add cancer survivor to the list 🙂

What’s Next?

Over the next few weeks, I intend to share with you guys more about the diagnosis, the treatments, what happened to my business, what I’ve learned from my cancer experience, what I would have done differently, how I will be running my business differently, and what’s next.

These Cancer x CEO lessons will likely only be shared privately to my email subscribers (I’ve since decided to add this to my blog too)

xx Raelyn

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