How to Add a Custom Pin-it Button To Your Blog (Step-by-Step Tutorial)


As you probably know, I am a big fan of Pinterest. I hang out a lot there.

Some of you have been asking me to talk about how you can get a custom “Pin it” button to appear every time someone hovers on one of your images.

That’s precisely what you will learn in today’s step-by-step tutorial!

Here's how you can get a custom "Pin it" button to appear on your images when someone hovers on one of your images. This is a complete step-by-step tutorial!
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Why Add a Custom Pin It Button?

With so many Pinterest strategies to follow and Pinterest changing its algorithm every other day, something has not changed – getting more people to pin your post from your blog post itself!

(By the way – follow me on Pinterest if you have not already!)

Adding a custom pin it button may increase your pin rates as it prompts your readers to pin your post for you.

How to Add a Custom Pin It Button To Your Blog

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Option 1: Use Social Warfare

Social Warfare is the social sharing plugin I use and recommend.

If you are using the Social Warfare plugin, you can very easily enable your “pin it button” option. Social Warfare has already created a custom pin it button for you to use.

Under the Social Warfare settings, go to the display tab, and under “Image Hover Pin Button”, toggle the “pin it button” option to ON:


When someone hovers over your images, a “pin it button” will show up!

Here is an example of what happens when someone hovers over your images when you have the “pin it button” option enabled:


You can change the position of the save button, it does not have to be at the center of the image.

Option 2: JQuery Plugin

If you want to use your own custom pin it button design or don’t have Social Warfare, option #2 will be perfect for you.

Download the JQuery Plugin

Download this JQuery plugin. It is called “jQuery Pin It Button for Images”.

Toggle plugin settings

Once you are in, look for the plugin settings on the left of your WordPress dashboard.

You want to do the following under the “Visual” tab:

  • Pick the “Custom” option and then upload your custom pin it button
  • Adjust the size of your button to something acceptable. I recommend checking an actual blog post to see how it looks like before you settle on a size you like.
  • Hit save changes and you’re all done!


How to Add a Custom Pin-it Button To Your Blog (Step-by-Step Tutorial)Click To Tweet

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this quick tutorial about how you can add a custom pin it button to your blog posts.

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xx Raelyn

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How to Add a Custom Pin-it Button To Your Blog (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

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