The 5 Top Email Copywriting Tricks That I Use In (Almost) Every Email

Hi friends! Today, you will learn all about the 5 email copywriting tips that I use whenever I write an email.

These are some of my favorite tips to use in order to write great email copy, which in turn leads to more profitable emails for your online business, so be sure to read this post to the end!

Some of you may know me from my best-selling email template toolkit, The Happy Subscribers Toolkit. I’m also known for my expertise in list building as well as building funnels.

Over the years, I have learned some interesting email copywriting tricks, which I will be sharing with you guys today!

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Today’s online marketing hack that I want to share with you guys is that if your emails are not performing well, chances are high that it is not the fault of your email service provider. It is just simply the fact that your emails are just not compelling enough.

I’ve seen this time and again where people see their open rates declining or maybe they get unsubscribes, and they get very affected by it.

So naturally, the number one thing that you blame is your email service provider, but it can’t be that everyone is having this problem.

I’ve seen entrepreneurs blame poor email performance on…

  • Their email service provider
  • People not reading emails anymore
  • The words they use in their emails triggering spam filters
  • Some weird algorithm thing that results in their emails not being opened

There are exceptions, but if this problem affects you across multiple emails, it is very likely that your emails are simply not compelling enough.

Think about it…

You are likely subscribed to many, many different newsletters, and chances are you only open 1 or 2 or 3 of them. And that’s because these people have successfully connected with you.

They write interesting, compelling emails that add value to your life, and that’s why you consistently read their emails.

Compare it to all the gazillion freebies that you’re subscribed for… But you have never actually opened any of the emails that these newsletters send.

So the difference there is that you need to have compelling emails if you want to stand out today. You need to master the art of writing good email copy.

And that’s where these email copywriting tricks will come into play to help you to write better emails!

Let’s dive right into the 5 email copywriting tips that I love using almost on a weekly basis.

I’ve sent by now over 3 million emails, according to my email service provider, and I believe that I have a thing or two to share with you guys that I’ve found to really work when it comes to email copywriting.

(Btw this doesn’t mean I have written 3 million emails haha it means that 3 million emails have been sent to subscribers around the world)

Let’s gooooo!

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Email copywriting tip #1: Have an attention-grabbing first line.

I used to make this mistake back in the past whereby I would start my email with, “Hey, good day!” or “How have you been?”

But then I have realized that the first line of your email is very, very important because that would determine if someone would actually continue reading your emails.

For the first line, you want to start with something very, very interesting. You want to start with a bang.

Think about the first line of a book. It is a very interesting first line that captures your attention because the first line of a book is very important.

Similarly, the first line of your email is the most important line after the subject line, of course, of your email to get people to actually read on.

So you want to start with perhaps…

  • A cliff hanger
  • A story or
  • Provide some stats
  • Something shocking
  • The list goes on…

I feel that a lot of marketers don’t really take this into consideration and just start their emails in whatever manner that they like without paying much attention to their first line.

So you really want to start with a bang.

Email copywriting tip #2: Document… not create.

If you have been in this game for a while, just like me (lol shameless hahaha), you have a much higher tendency to run out of content ideas.

You may have realized that you have nothing to talk about anymore. And that is very, very normal.

PSA: Don’t look at your email as just another piece of content that you have to create, but instead, you want to share your business or life experiences that have happened with your audience…. and then weave in the value that you are providing at the same time.

This makes your email more interesting and it also makes your subscribers more connected to you.

If you go to Google or Pinterest, you will find a gazillion articles online providing the exact same information that you’re providing, but yet, people will choose to read your newsletter.

Why? When you share things from your point of view, through the lenses of your own experiences, it is more interesting, AND people will ABSORB + IMPLEMENT the information you share better.

For example, if say I want to hire a VA,  I can share like 5000 tips to my email list about how I would hire a VA… but if I share an interesting story about what happened when I hired my VA + how I felt, my audience would be able to relate and absorb the tips SO much better.

By sharing things from YOUR point of view, it helps your subscribers to implement what you teach better… because there’s a story behind the information you provide.

Instead of always having to come up with a thousand content ideas for your email list, why not try something else? Why not try DOCUMENTING, and not CREATING?

The best content you already have in your head. You already have in your life.

So you want to document, not create.

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Email copywriting tip #3: The Rule of Three.

The Rule of Three is something that I also talk about in the Happy Subscribers Toolkit, where I go through a ton of email copywriting tricks weaved into the templates.

Inside the toolkit, I give you 104 done for your email templates. But I don’t just give you the fill in the blank templates that you can plug and play immediately — I also teach you the email copywriting techniques behind each template.

One of the tricks that I teach in the Happy Subscribers Toolkit is The Rule of Three.

Basically, people can absorb information better when you give them in batches of three.

For example, I would share 3 things that I’ve learned or 3 things that happened to me this week.

By sticking to The Rule of Three, it makes your email content a lot easier to absorb. The thing is that people have a very, very short attention span. So you don’t want to bombard them with like 1 million tips as that will overwhelm them.

Remember The Rule of Three whenever possible. You want to provide information in groups of three.

Email copywriting tip #4: Have one singular call-to-action.

I don’t mean having just one link in your email, but rather you want to have all the links in your email lead to just one place.

I see this happen a lot especially among newbies who are new to email copywriting.

You don’t want to have like 1000 different call-to-actions because people are very easily distracted.

So if you tell your subscribers something like, “OK, please go to my blog post…. and also subscribe to our podcast…. oh and please like our Facebook page too…”, they get very confused. They don’t know what to do.

And there’s a high chance that they will just do nothing. So for each email that you have, you want to have one primary call-to-action that you want your subscribers to take.

For example, this could be joining a Facebook group. This could be watching a YouTube video. This could be replying to your email.

You want to have a very clear call-to-action throughout your email. And It just has to be one call to action. If you want to have more, you can, but it will just not be as effective as compared to if you only have ONE call-to-action.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t have multiple links. You can have multiple links, but they all have to lead to the same place.

An example is that if I want someone to buy my program, I could say “Click here to enroll” and then somewhere else in the email I could say, “Please join now”, or I could also say something like “Click here to view some testimonials” further down the email.

So the words that I use to link to my product are different for each link throughout the email, but they all lead to the same place.

You want your subscribers to go to ONE singular place. This is very, very important.

Email copywriting tip #5: The P.S. line.

The P.S. line is a line that usually happens at the end of each email.

Based on my on-the-ground experience… I see that a lot of people actually read the P.S. line, and they actually click on whatever call to action you have on your P.S. line.

So you definitely want to have that as much as possible! This is because people tend to skim emails, but when you have a P.S. line, they actually pause to read whatever is there.

And if whatever is there gets their interest, they will scroll back up and read the email from the start.

You could use your P.S. line to have a final call to action to summarize whatever your email contains.

Or you can use it to reiterate your call to action, so you can have one final call-to-action so that people will know exactly what action they will take.

You could even use your P.S. line to provide an interesting fun tidbit to build a relationship with your subscribers.

So as you can see there’s a lot of different things you could do with your P.S. line, and it is a really great place in your email to squeeze in some extra juice out of your email and to capture the attention of your subscribers.

So these are the five email copywriting tricks that I found to work when I write my emails on a weekly basis.

To recap… These are the 5 email copywriting tricks we covered.

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#1: Have an attention-grabbing first line.

You want to start your email with a bang and capture the interest of your subscribers.

 #2: Document not create.

You always want to try to write your emails from your point of view, through the lenses of your experiences, your life, or your business, or through the lenses of what’s happening to you right now.

Because if you share your information with some experience or story, it is a lot easier for people to absorb and learn what you have to teach. Plus, you also get to build a relationship with your subscribers!

#3: The Rule of Three.

You want to follow the rule of three as much as possible so that people can follow along easily, and absorb whatever information you provide better.

#4: One Singular Call to Action.

You want to have one singular call to action where each email you have already planned out where EXACTLY you want people to go after that. Remember to consistently reiterate that same ONE call-to-action throughout the email.

#5: Leverage On The P.S Line.

Use the P.S. line to remind your subscribers on exactly what action you want them to take (this means more $$$ if you’re trying to sell something!), or to summarize your email so that skimmers can have a quick idea of what your email contains.


Alright, that’s all, folks. So these are my 5 favorite email copywriting tricks… Which of the 5 email copywriting tricks do you like the best?

Also if you haven’t checked out my previous article about my 3 Top Secret Lead Magnet Ideas, that will help you to double freebie conversions, please go and check that out.

Take care, guys. Bye!

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The 5 Top Email Copywriting Tricks That I Use In (Almost) Every Email

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