My Personal Clickfunnels Review After 6 Months (+ My Affiliate Bonuses!)


I have been using Clickfunnels for about 6 months now. (update: it’s been a year and I still love it!)

I wanted to try it for a period of time to give an accurate review of this piece of software – I do believe 6 months is a good period of time!

*All Clickfunnels links in this post are my referral links! Using my link comes at no cost to you – in fact, you get 14 days free AND a bunch of affiliate bonuses as a thank you from me (more about that below!)

I’m recommending Clickfunnels because I personally use, love and recommend it. Thank you for your support!

My Clickfunnels Review: What is Clickfunnels, 10 game-changing things you can do with Clickfunnels, PLUS get my exclusive Clickfunnels affiliate bonuses when you sign up via my link! Create landing pages, get professionally designed templates, and more with Clickfunnels!
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What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is an all-in-one software that allows you to market and sell your products and services with ease.

With Clickfunnels, you can easily create landing pages, marketing funnels, webinar optin pages, sales pages, order form pages, and much more.

Most of you will know that I used to use Leadpages. Leadpages is still great if you want to create landing pages, but Clickfunnels does that and so much more.

I’m in the midst of transiting all my pages from Leadpages to Clickfunnels because I don’t need both at the same time!

My Clickfunnels Affiliate Bonus

When you purchase via my referral link, you will also get…

  • My Craft Your Value Ladder & Offerings Training (7 minutes long but worth every SINGLE second!)

The value ladder is about guiding your potential customers through a coherent sales funnel that will maximize profitability per lead.

Learn about what a value ladder is, why you need it in your business, the 4 tiers of a profitable value ladder, and how you can craft products & services that sell well together for your business. Having a value ladder is key to outperforming your competitors.

  • You get access to THREE of my sales funnels – Download them straight into your Clickfunnels account to use with one click!

The 3 funnels are my automated webinar funnel, my 7-day mini course funnel and my tripwire SLO funnel. You will be able to download them straight into your Clickfunnels account, personalize them for your product/service and be ready to launch your free and paid offerings!

If you want to get Clickfunnels, make sure to do it via my affiliate link to get access to these awesome bonuses! 🙂

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What I Love About Clickfunnels

1. Its Focus On Sales And Building Profitable Funnels


Clickfunnels allows you to create Sales Funnels from start to the end! This means starting from an opt-in page, then to a sales page, followed by an order form, and so on.

You can easily see which part of your funnel is resulting in a drop-off and change it accordingly.

Typically, you will have to create each page separately – E.g. Use Leadpages for a landing page, Teachable for your sales page, SamCart for an order form, and so on.

So yes, Clickfunnels is amazing because it allows you to create an entire funnel under one roof.

2. Insanely Easy To Use Page Builder

My favorite part to use in Clickfunnels is its page builder. It is by far, the VERY BEST page builder I have used, and I’m not exaggerating. It is on par with even the Divi builder.

You can pretty much find any page you see online and replicate it with the Clickfunnels builder with some work.

You can create…

Optin / Landing Pages

Here are some examples of opt-in pages created with Clickfunnels:

Sales Pages

Here is an example of a sales page created with Clickfunnels:

3. Easily Run Live & Automated Webinars

You can also create webinar pages too! With Clickfunnels, you can conduct both live and automated webinars with ease.

Here are some examples of webinar pages created with Clickfunnels:

You aren’t just able to create webinar sign up pages – but the whole she-bang. This includes webinar LIVE pages, thank you pages, replay pages, etc.

If you want to get Clickfunnels, make sure to do it via my affiliate link to get access to my awesome affiliate bonuses! 🙂

4. Professionally Designed Templates


Clickfunnels comes with hundreds of templates across every page type that you can possibly think of. These are all professionally designed. So you don’t even have to create anything from scratch!

Click here to sign up for Clickfunnels and get 14 days free.

5. Great Analytics

I personally really like Clickfunnels analytics. You can see conversion rates, earnings per click, total revenue, and more. You can easily see which funnel is performing (or not performing).

6. Decent Support

I have always been able to get my questions answered / issues solved very promptly. I am happy with Clickfunnel’s support. I would say it’s better than the support I get at Leadpages.

7. Easily Create Order Bumps & Upsells

With Clickfunnels, you can very easily increase your revenue per customer by creating order bumps and upsells!

Order Bumps

Order bumps look a little like this at the bottom of your order form, right on top of the “Buy Now” button:


Needless to say, this is the closest you can get to free money without putting in extra effort. It’s like the candy you have at Walmart near the cashier – customers grab the extras and go, increasing their expenditure per trip!

One-time Offer / Upsell

I don’t know what type of sick technology Clickfunnels is on, but with Clickfunnels you can very easily create ONE-CLICK upsell pages. This is insane, in case you don’t know.

What this means is that after someone purchases from you, they are directed to an upsell page. If they want to buy, they only need to click on a “Yes, Add This To My Order” button, without having to enter their credit card details again!

This means more $$$ for you.

8. Member’s Area To Host Your Products

I use Teachable so I don’t use this particular function, but you can host your courses with Clickfunnels as well! Clickfunnels allow you to create a member’s area to host your stuff.

9. Insane Funnel Training

Russell Brunson (CEO Of Clickfunnels) provides some of the BEST funnel trainings I’ve ever seen. You can check out his podcast and Youtube channel. I also love the One Funnel Away Challenge which I highly recommend you take.

10. Create Content Upgrades

You can also create clickpops, which are popups within your blog posts, like this one:

Click Here to Download Your FREE Printable: 250 Proven Email Subject Line Templates That Will Get Your Subscribers To OPEN Your Emails Without A Second Thought »

If you are familiar with Leadpages, this is similar to the Leadboxes you can create with Leadpages.

They are essentially pop up boxes you can use to get more subscribers from within your articles.

This is great for content upgrades. 🙂

I hope that this review has helped!

My Personal Clickfunnels Review After 6 Months... (+ My Affiliate Bonuses!)Click To Tweet

I used to have over 50 pages scattered all over the internet. Now, I have something like 5 funnels and with muiltiple pages in them, all optimized for the sale. Each page has a clear purpose. I am able to create order forms, upsells, etc – to sell and convert at the appropriate moment and make more money per customer.

Clickfunnels has changed the way I view and organize the process I take my readers on to convert them into customers.

Clickfunnels has been a game-changer for my business (it has made a lot of things a lot easier).

You can try Clickfunnels as they have a 14-day trial here. If you want to get Clickfunnels, make sure to do it via my affiliate link to get access to my awesome affiliate bonuses! 🙂

Click here to sign up for Clickfunnels and get 14 days free.
My Personal Clickfunnels Review After 6 Months (+ My Affiliate Bonuses!)

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