3 SECRET Lead Magnet Ideas That May Double Your Conversions


Hi friends, today I will be sharing with you my 3 best lead magnet ideas for you to create a freebie that truly stands out from the crowd, so that…

  • It doesn’t get ignored.
  • You don’t suffer from low conversion rates.
  • And you don’t waste time creating a mediocre freebie that doesn’t convert.

In this post, I will share with you some of my best lead magnet tips for you to create an amazing freebie!

You have probably seen so many different freebies just this week alone. And chances are that you probably don’t even remember most of them.

And that’s because they are all typical, mediocre, boring freebies.

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Why it is SO important to create a lead magnet that truly stands out: Let’s do some math

I hereby tell you the #1 hack you should deploy to get your first 1,000 subscribers and beyond: Never, ever create a mediocre freebie.

Having a good freebie that stands out from the crowd is SO important because a typical landing page converts at about 20%.

So this means that for every 100 people that land on your landing page, only 20 of them ends up being a subscriber.

On the other hand, if you have an addictive, attractive, irresistible freebie, and let’s say it converts at 80%

If 100 people visit your landing page and 80 people subscribe, that gives you 80 subscribers.

And compounded over time, let’s say if 10,000 people visited your landing page.

If you only have a 20% conversion rate, 20% of 10000 subscribers is only 2,000 subscribers.

As compared to if you actually put some effort upfront to create a great freebie that converts at 80% (which is a very high conversion rate by the way) so you have a freebie that converts at 80%…

Then I would say to you – Congratulations. Like, seriously.

Because if you have something that converts at 80% and 10,000 visitors visited your landing page, you automatically get 8,000 subscribers.  And that’s a difference of 6,000 subscribers – This means 6,000 new leads that could have converted into customers.

In other words, a freebie that converts at 80% will help you to grow your email list 4X faster than if it converted at 20%.

As you can see, when you have a bad freebie, it compounds over time and your business gets affected.

By now you would likely be convinced that having a high-converting lead magnet is KEY if you want to grow your email list fast.

Let me now jump right into the 3 secret lead magnet ideas so that you can create freebies that will help you to build your email list… fast.

Here are 3 lead magnet ideas for coaches, to grow your email list fast! These are great lead magnet ideas for photographers, artists, interior designers, travel, bloggers etc. Examples included! Finally get your landing page to convert with these tips :)
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So the first lead magnet idea is for you to:

Lead Magnet Idea #1: Create a Freebie That Gives Away More Than Others.

So what do I mean by that? This lead magnet idea is actually really, really easy to execute.

For example, if most freebies in your niche provide, say, 20 tips – you want to provide 100 tips instead.

Like 100 strategies, 100 tips, 100 hacks, 100 days of diet planning, etc.

So the key is to provide SO much value that when people see a freebie, they are like, “Oh my gosh, this freebie is insane!”

If you are able to create something that’s highly actionable, that does not overwhelm your subscribers, and yet provides an insane amount of value, then you have a winning formula right there.

So, for example, you could create a cheat sheet and provide a hundred different whatever, 100 different tools, 100 different tips, 100 different strategies, and 100 different tricks.

Or whatever that is relevant to your specific business in your freebie.

The key is to impress people with just the sheer amount of value that they are getting and YET somehow be able to make it concise enough so that people do not get overwhelmed when they actually opt into your freebie.

And that’s how you create a freebie that over-delivers.

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Lead Magnet Idea #2: Attention-Seeking Design

So this is a trick, a secret, that I’ve seen more and more people adopt increasingly, and that is DESIGN.

If you are able to have a well-designed freebie that really, really captures people’s attention, that will be very valuable to your business because people are automatically attracted to high-quality freebies.

And fortunately or unfortunately, people associate great design with great quality.

Here are some examples of how you can successfully incorporate great design into your freebie:

  • Having amazing illustrations – Really good ones will just blow all other freebies out of the park.
  • Mind maps – A visually interesting I’ve seen work really well to engage your new subscribers
  • Having bright, colorful designs – This helps your freebie to stand out and it also makes the consumption experience for your subscribers really, really pleasant as well.

I love using Canva, but of course – there are many other sites like Canva.

All other similar freebies that people have subscribed to will be irrelevant when they see your freebie.

So that’s something I’ve adopted in my business as well when it comes to creating my list building blueprints. You can click here to attend my free list building webinar and you’ll get the free blueprints too 🙂

I made sure to create it in such a way that the colors are really, really bright and it is just very fun, very colorful… something that people will be drawn to.

So investing in superior design for your freebie will really, really help it to stand out.

Lead Magnet Idea #3: Create Something New

Allow me to explain.

So the thing is that there are many, many freebies out there and it’s getting a bit stale, right?

Challenges, free blogging courses, PDFs… People have seen it all before.

So one lead magnet idea that you could potentially consider in your online business is to create something that is out of the box, something different.

This could be a calculator, this could be some kind of software, maybe it’s an interactive Google sheet.

Or perhaps you could give out an interactive calendar plan or an app – whatever that is within reach for you right now.

You could think of different interesting and unique ideas that your lead magnet could benefit from.


To conclude, there’s really no shortcut if you want to create a high-converting freebie.

If you want to create something high quality for your audience so that people would actually be attracted to you and want to subscribe, you will have to put in the work to create a freebie that’s actually good.

This may take a bit of time and effort, but with the right ideas that I’ve shared with you today, with the right direction, and just being willing to invest some time into creating a high-value freebie, this will inevitably result in great rewards for your business down the line.

Why? Because all you have to do is to create your freebie once and you have an asset that works for you… day in and day out… for years to come.

I hope that you enjoyed these 3 lead magnet ideas that I’ve seen really work to help online entrepreneurs to create stand-out freebies.

Gone are the days where we just create a PDF (especially a bad-looking PDF) and expect people to like it, unless you have some kind of high-value information that everyone else doesn’t know.

But for most of us, we will need to be able to think dynamically so that we can create great-looking, great quality freebies, that will actually convert.

Take care, guys, and have a great day ahead. 🙂

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3 SECRET Lead Magnet Ideas That May Double Your Conversions

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