How to Use Gmail With Your Custom Domain (Coupon Code Included!)

Having an email address with a custom domain gives you a certain level of professionalism.

I mean, would you take me more seriously if my email address is raelyn4534[at] or raelyn[at]

The latter sounds more professional, right?


Most cpanel email clients are extremely clunky

Most hosts allow you to create an email address with your custom domain, but accessing your email is very troublesome if you are always doing it via your Cpanel.

I find the hosting Cpanel interface extremely clunky and slow.

After changing to gmail for my email address, things have been soooo much faster for me! My email used to always block out emails and the clunky interface really affected my response rates.

For just $5/ month,  you can use Gmail as your email client instead, PLUS have a custom domain as your email address.

Sounds like a good deal to me.

Today, I’ll teach you exactly how you can do that!

You can use Gmail as your email client instead, PLUS have a custom domain as your email address. In this tutorial, I'll teach you exactly how. (coupon code included!)
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How to use Gmail with a custom domain email address

This can be easily done using G Suite. Here are the exact steps you need to follow:

1. Visit the G Suite site here.

2. Click on “Start free trial”.

Click here to check out G Suite for free (aka you get a free trial)

3. Fill in your details, like your name and the email address you use (with your custom domain).


4. Select “Use a domain name I have already purchased”, and fill in your domain name.


Get 20% off Google Suite with this coupon code: 3ADTTEWMFXR7J46

5. Create your G Suite account. Click “Accept and Sign up”.


6. You will be prompted to add people to your G Suite accountIf you already have other email addresses receiving mail at your an email address with your custom domain, you’ll want to add those in. As Google charges per user per month, only add the email addresses you really need – you want to decrease your expenses.


Click here to check out G Suite for free

(aka you get a free trial)

7. Verify your domain. You can do this by adding some code into your header – there are also a couple of other ways you can do it. Most themes allow you to easily add code to your header. There are also plugins that allow you to do that, like this one.


That’s it! Not too hard, eh?!

All you need to do next is log into Gmail with your custom domain and password.

Get 20% off Google Suite with this coupon code: 3ADTTEWMFXR7J46

Or click here to check out Google Suites out here (free trial included)

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How to use gmail with a custom domain - step by step help with the gmail email client to get an email address with your own domain #gmail #custom #domain

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