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101 Popular Topic Ideas On What To Blog About

Wondering what to blog about?

I’ve compiled a list of amazing ideas that you can use to start a blog about.

You can even use these as topic ideas for your blog posts.

Ideas/ topics range from self-improvement  (no. 8), to parenting (no. 11), to obscure ideas like chess (no. 87) and astronomy (no.88).

But in return, you gotta devote yourself to finding your perfect niche and defining your target audience, alright?

You can do this.


You ready?

You’ll never run out of topic/ ideas to blog about ever again after this post.

Wondering what to start a blog about? Here are 101 ideas for you to find your niche. Start making money from your website. You can even use these as topic ideas for your posts!

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101 Topics + Ideas To Help You Decide What To Blog About:

  1. Start-ups
  2. Marketing
  3. Photography
  4. Watercolours/ hand lettering
  5. Lifestyle blog
  6. Event management
  7. Hypnosis
  8. Personal development
  9. Homeschooling
  10. Mom life and success for the busy working mom
  11. Parenting/ child-rearing
  12. WordPress and web development
  13. Travel
  14. Living abroad
  15. Baking/ cooking/ food
  16. Photography
  17. Fashion
  18. Sewing/ crafts
  19. Web design
  20. Self-care, living with purpose
  21. Branding
  22. Public relations
  23. Venture capitals
  24. Small to medium sized business advice
  25. Success
  26. Christianity/ religion
  27. Education
  28. Blogging
  29. Politics
  30. News
  31. Relationships/ love/ dating/ romance
  32. Manifestation
  33. Spirituality
  34. Frugal living
  35. Personal finance
  36. Financial markets
  37. Technology
  38. Horse-riding
  39. Entrepreneurship
  40. Online business
  41. Social media
  42. Freelancing
  43. Celebrity/ gossip
  44. Current events
  45. Writing for aspiring authors
  46. Golf/ any sports
  47. Gardening/ urban farming
  48. Learning the ukulele/ guitar
  49. Eco-tourism
  50. Money mindset
  51. Running
  52. Life coaching
  53. Having a strong marriage
  54. Learning a new language (or any specific language)
  55. Self-defense
  56. Video marketing
  57. ADHD
  58. Autism
  59. Productivity
  60. Self-confidence
  61. Vegan/ vegetarian/ gluten free/ dairy free
  62. Interior design
  63. Career
  64. Digital nomad lifestyle/ location independence
  65. Hair/ Beauty/ Makeup/ Skincare
  66. Minimalism/ simple living
  67. Family life
  68. Animals & pets
  69. Home decor
  70. Art
  71. Humour
  72. Building iPhone/ android apps
  73. Coding
  74. Tennis
  75. Piano
  76. Cars & motorcycles
  77. Caregiving
  78. Medicine/ healthcare
  79. For lawyers
  80. Alternative therapies (eg acupuncture, TCM etc)
  81. Social dynamics, psychology, communication
  82. Yoga
  83. History
  84. Motivation
  85. Organic eating
  86. Dieting
  87. Chess
  88. Astronomy
  89. Natural living/ eco-living
  90. Graphic design
  91. Surfing
  92. Public speaking
  93. Depression
  94. Staying trimmed & fit/ workouts/ exercise
  95. Cycling
  96. College planning
  97. Alcohol/ partying/ nightlife
  98. Backpacking
  99. Birdwatching
  100. DIY projects/ eg woodworking
  101. Virtual assistants (VAs)

I hope you liked this post, and that it has given you more inspiration to find popular topics to write about!

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I would like to start a blog just for fun. I don’t have website. Where do I began. Thanks
In regards, Rosetta

Raelyn Tan

Rosetta, you can start with this post: https://raelyntan.com/how-to-start-a-blog 🙂

Excellent ideas. Bookmarked the article and ready to see what new niches I can ‘attack’ in the near future. Thanks for sharing all these insights.

You’re welcome, Ramona!

Tisha Carr

Hello my name is Tisha Carr. I have been contemplating starting a blog. I have so many crazy experiences. Recently Ive had two Jehova Witnesses knocking on my door. Sometimes I have a hard time saying no, So I started talking to these women. Before you know it I had them in stitches telling them my stories.

My husband and I adopted 2 kids at birth. They are now 10 and 14. The 10 year old is especially impulsive. I have crazy stories of things that have happened. Some examples, my son getting furious at his sister for teasing him, threw a rock at her, missed and shattered the front door to the hotel that daddy was trying to check into for the night. When he was 9 he tresspassed onto a neighbor’s farm and stole one of their baby chicks from under heat lamp. Came home and I heard a bird chirping like crazy in the garage. He but told me it fell out of a tree and he found it and picked it up. Long story short, by 10:00 that evening I figured out where he got it. I wanted him to put it back. Wasn’t about to knock on their door at 10pm. So here I was with my son, sneaking back on this farm in the pitch dark scared to death of getting caught so we could put it back. Realized later the others probably pecked it to death.

Anyhow, we learned not too long ago that our son’s birth mother drank a lot of hard alcohol every single day while pregnant with him. He has fetal alcohol syndrome. Didnt know much abt it. First time I read about it I stayed up all night crying. Its terrible. People dont understsnd it. I dont believe there are many blogs about FAS mostly b/c if a mother drinks during pregnancy causing FAS to the fetus, they probably dont want to write a blog abt it. I have learned a lot.

There are not many resources for these kids, and lot of times fall through the cracks ending up in prison, alcoholics and even addicted to drugs. Most look totally normal, only 15% have the facial features of FAS. So they look normal, expected to act normal, but not normal. Impulsive, angry, borderline brain damage so he understands when peers call him stupid. These are the things I would like to write about.

Do you think this could be my niche?

Readers would be perspevtive adoptive parents and what they need to know. Professionals told me he had dyslexia and that was his problem. He has all kinds of issues, one reason is that his central nervous system is damaged. As a result he has poor fine and gross motor skills. He needs all kinds of therapy that at the present have not been able to get for him. Our insurance and the state we live in does not recognize FAS as a reason for developmental delays which he has always had. Most adopted kids automatically get put on medicaid regardless if they are on their parents insurance. My kids are not b/c we adopted them from a private agency. He needs at least 5 different therapies at least once per week, some even 2x per week. Each single appointment costs $100.00! That is just not going to happen, so Im still fighting different angles. Sorry didnt mean to ramble I just get so worked up about it.
What do you think? Will it work?

Oh one other thing, if he had autism, even high functioning autism he would be covered under our insurance with just a $15 copay per visit.

Tell me what you think

Hey Tisha, yes that could work.

Thank you for sharing your story, seems like you are a really strong women!

Do read this post as well, which I believe will be very useful for you. http://raelyntan.com/find-your-dream-niche 🙂

xx Raelyn

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