45 Different Types of Blog Posts You Can Write About


Are you running out of ideas to write about?

Or perhaps…

Have you been writing the same type of blog post again and again?

When we become seasoned bloggers, we tend to stick to one type of content – what we’re comfortable with.

For me, that’s how to posts and list posts. That’s because I’ve found that they work the best for my audience.

But you know what, sometimes, it’s nice to mix things up!

It adds a little more spunk and creative flair to your work online.

Here are 45 different types of blog posts you can use on your blog…

Let’s go!

Have you been writing the same type of blog post again and again? Here are 45 different types of blog posts you can use on your blog that works! Get fresh ideas and tips to write content with ease!
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45 Types of Blog Posts For You to Write About:

1. How to tutorials

How to posts are a great way to teach people how to do things.

This is a type of blog post that is relatively straightforward. Essentially, how-to tutorial posts do well because they promise a very direct result.

2. List posts

There is, of course, the all famous listicle post. 8 strategies, 9 tips, 10 ways…

People love listicles as they know what to expect from such posts. Also, list posts are very easy to write because of how structured they are. This is very useful if your writing skills are not very good.

I highly recommend at least having a few listicles on your blog!

3. Case studies

Write a case study of something you’ve done.

Case studies are in demand because it seems real rather than theoretical. 

People know that they won’t just be getting the theory, but real lessons from a real person’s experience.

4. Series

Writing a blog series gives the impression that you’re covering a topic in a deep, in-depth manner.

It also has a high perceived value.

Also, a series keep each blog post short enough so that you don’t cram a ton of information into one post. Instead, you can divide your content into separate posts so that each post is more digestible.

Just starting out and looking to start your blog? I have a step-by-step tutorial on how you can start a blog in 20 minutes here. It’s been shared over 50,000 times and has helped thousands of new bloggers like you start successful blogs. It’s not that hard. You can do it! There’s never a perfect time! So feel the fear and do it anyway.

Check out my Blogging For Beginner series to get started:

Part 1. Blogging For Beginners: How to Start a Blog in 20 Minutes
Part 2. Can’t Decide What’s The Best Blogging Platform to Use? Answers here.
Part 3. 11 Things To Do Immediately After You Start a New Blog
Part 4. 11 WordPress Plugins That Will Rock Your Blog

5. Reviews

If you have an audience that trusts you, reviews become a very powerful weapon in your business.

Why? They contribute to your profits! Often, you can add referral links to your blog posts so that you can earn some affiliate income from these review posts.

Some examples:

6. Roundups

Create a roundup of the best content about a particular topic available on the internet!

This is very useful as there is a ton of information online, and your compilation would save your readers a lot of time.

Essentially, they can go straight to the very best articles!

7. Video with transcript

Not everyone reads blogs! Also, most people don’t JUST read articles.

For me, I spend a lot of time watching videos on Youtube as well.

Think about it: I bet you watch Netflix too!

Video is a great medium to use to connect with your audience really quickly. Hence, you can record a video, and then write a blog post with the video embedded. Be sure to include the transcript below it.

8. Personal stories

Once in a while, share personal stories on your blog. It helps you to build a connection with your audience.

This will keep people coming back to your blog. If people just want to read cold facts, they can easily Google for some online.

Your personal stories and the connection you build with your audience is what keeps them coming back.

Make sure you master the art of storytelling and sell better in your business by telling  stories!

9. Updates

Keep your readers updated about what’s happening in your business or life!

The great thing about updates: You’ll never run out of things to talk about because as life unfolds, you will always have new things to talk about.

It allows you to grow together with your readers.

When people chance upon your blog and love your blog posts, they have a tendency to go back to the start and binge read everything. Publishing regular updates get them to join you on a journey, and they get to see how you were right at the start.

10. FAQ

If someone has a question for you, chances are high that there are many others with the same question as well.

FAQs are a great way to maintain a connection with your audience and are also a good engagement tool to get people to start interacting with you.

11. Giveaways

Running a giveaway is a good way to create hype around your brand and get more subscribers!

With tools like Kingsumo, it becomes very easy to organize a giveaway as well.

12. Comparisons

You don’t just have to write reviews. Often when people are considering to purchase certain products or services, they are really considering between multiple alternatives.

Do a comparison between 2 or more similar products! The best part? You can earn affiliate income from such posts as well.

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13. Stir some controversy

Nothing like stirring some good old controversy to get attention and traffic.

Be careful though! This may result in negative backlash for you, to be prepared for that.

14. Infographics

Infographics have a very high perceived value. With sites like Canva, creating an infographic is becoming easier.

You can even use your infographic as a content upgrade too!

If someone wants the PDF version of your infographic, they can join your email list to get it.

15. Checklists

Such blog posts go a little like, “15 things you must do…”

This is great for structured thinkers in particular because people get tangible step-by-step action steps instead of theoretical concepts.

You can also include a PDF version of the checklist as a content upgrade!

16. News/ Current affairs

If there’s anything new happening in your industry, you may want to write about it to inform your audience and to share your opinions about the new event.

17. Interviews

Interviews are a great addition to any website! This is especially if you bring in guests who are an expert in an area that is not your core expertise.

Plus, you don’t even have to prepare any materials. The person you’re interviewing will be responsible for the content!

18. Expert Spotlight

As you’re an expert in your niche, chances are that you know a couple of other experts. Introduce your readers to them!

Plus, this will allow you to build a relationship with other thought leaders in your niche and they may feature you in their next blog post!

19. Resources

For some reason, people are obsessed with knowing what tools & resources a person is using.

Hence, a good type of blog post to write about is a compilation of tools that you like.

Here are some examples:

20. Podcast Episodes

You can also have a podcast episode embedded on your blog post to cater to the portion of your audience that loves audio.

Be sure to have the podcast episode transcribed so that you can include the transcript below the episode. This helps with SEO!

21. Inspirational Story

Do you have an inspirational story to share? Inspiring your community is one way to accumulate goodwill with them as well!

It doesn’t always have to be how-to tutorials or direct straightforward tips.

Your readers are human, and need inspirational content to “perk them up” once in a while too!

22. Contests

Stir up the competitive spirit of people by holding a contest. Contests get people engaged!

Get them to share their entries on social media to grow your community as well.

23. Re-publish old posts

I currently have over 100 blog posts in my archives. If you’ve been blogging for a while, you probably do too!

Don’t let those old blog posts rot away!

Give your old articles a new lease of life by updating older blog posts and publishing them again. This works especially well if you position these articles as “a massive update” from the older version of the post.

24. Guest posts

If you are not accepting guest posts on your website yet, you should! You get free content in exchange for giving another blogger publicity –  a win-win situation!

Often, guest posts provide another point of view and add a lot of value to your audience, especially if it is a quality guest post.

Need a guest post strategy? I have a guest post about guest posting you can check out. Gosh, that sounds so meta.

25. Tell your origin story

Never get tired of telling your origin story. In fact, if you don’t have a blog post about “your story” and how you came to be a blogger/entrepreneur in your niche, you should!

The best origin stories feature a BEFORE and AFTER scenario of some kind (e.g. I was overweight and lost 20 pounds).

While you may be successful now, writing about your origin story allows you to connect with your audience as your readers will be able to relate to how you were before.

26. Expert Roundups

Expert roundups are a great way to get more traffic to your website.

Essentially, expert roundups are blog posts where you go about asking multiple experts a question, and then featuring their answers on your website.

People typically like being featured as an expert and many of these experts will share your post on social media for you as it builds THEIR credibility as well.

27. Seasonal Posts

This works especially well for certain niches that are affected by seasonal holidays.

Prepare your seasonal content in advance so that you don’t miss out on cashing in on the various holidays!

For instance: Christmas, Black Friday, Labor Day, Halloween, and more!

28. Open Letters

The term “open letter” already sounds so juicy, right?! Writing an open letter positions you as a thought leader and gives you an opinion.

People are attracted to opinion leaders, not another “me too” blogger. Open letters tend to do well if it is about something that your audience cares deeply about!

29. Mythbusting post

With this type of blog post, you are dispelling any commonly held myths that people in your niche believe.

A good “myth busters” post opens the eyes of your readers to new perspectives, breaks certain beliefs they have that are not serving them, and is often the first step to transforming the lives of others!

30. Mistakes

This is similar to the myth-busting type of post, but instead of dispelling myths, you pre-warn your audience of certain mistakes that they may end up committing.

This helps to guide your tribe away from committing these mistakes and saves them the time and money they would have otherwise spent unnecessarily.

31. Conference takeaways

Did you attend a cool conference? Attended a retreat? Stopped by a particular event? Read a good book?

When you have a life-changing experience that your community would be interested in, write and tell your community about the lessons that you learned!

We all love to hear about the takeaways and epiphanies that others have experienced.

32. Rants

Are you tired of something that’s happening in your niche? Did something upsetting happen to you?

Let it out in a rant on your blog! Just make sure that your rant is about something that your readers will be interested in.

You not only seem human to your audience and position yourself as an opinion leader… but you also let some steam out, which is always therapeutic!


Quotes are a good way to give your readers a boost of motivation. This works particularly well in self-help niches.

34. Sarcastic post

Did something big happen in your niche? Is there an opportunity to be sarcastic?

Hop onto the trend and write a parody of it.

For instance, “Already doing 99 diets but ketones won’t be 1.”

35. Memes & Funny videos

Everyone likes to consume memes because we all love having a good laugh. However, make sure that there is a relevant takeaway for your audience at the end of the day!

Memes and jokes are really just one way of communicating your message across.

36. Presentations & Slideshares

Did you do a presentation in real life? Grab a recording of it and embed it into your next blog post!

Or you could upload presentation slides onto SlideShare and embed that.

It gives a blog post a nice twist because people don’t usually do this!

37. Surveys & Polls

Run a survey on your blog post! You could use a quiz software like Tryinteract or just ask your readers to leave a blog comment manually.

Some great survey ideas include asking your people questions like…

  • What are you struggling with currently?
  • What type of content would you love to see more on the blog?
  • What’s your biggest goal this year?

38. Behind The Scenes

Include behind the scenes footage or thoughts in your blog posts! It keeps things interesting and prevents you from being perceived as a “cold corporate company”.

39. Ultimate guides

Ultimate guides are exactly what they are: Ultimate guides that help your readers achieve a goal!

These are basically how-to tutorials on steroids.

Writing an ultimate guide will take you a long time, but the results and transformation that it provides will be well worth the effort!

40. Your Top Posts

Do a roundup of your own posts, and introduce your readers to your most popular content.

Even for returning visitors, they likely have not seen most of your popular articles too!

I’m all for putting your best foot forward and creating the very best impression that you can with your community, and giving your most popular posts added publicity will do just that.

Creating a roundup of your top posts would help increase brand loyalty and reduce your bounce rate.

41. Category Roundup

Sometimes, people are really interested in a particular topic that you cover.

Creating a category roundup will help them to find your favorite posts in a particular topic that you have written.

For instance, I have a list building category roundup post that you can check out.

This is also a great way to rank for certain topic-specific keywords – because often, such posts really do provide a ton of value to your readers with regard to this specific topic.

42. Share Your Success

We all love success stories.

Sharing your success story will not just inspire your readers, it does much more than just that…

When you share your success story, you are telling people, “Hey look at me – I’ve done what you want to do… this shows that I can help you to do the same!”

This is also the reason why you see so many blog income reports around the internet.

43. Statistics

Including statistics in your blog post and cultivating a habit of writing data-driven blog posts provide credibility to what you have to say.

Even though nobody really bothers to check out where you get the statistics from… but that’s another discussion for another day.

Just know that when you write about statistics, people are more likely to trust your post.

And not just that, your blog post will seem to be a lot more valuable. It will seem like you had to put in a ton of effort because gathering data is not easy.

44. Prediction Posts

This is great for certain fast-moving niches like technology, where people are interested in what is to come.

For instance, a prediction post about the next iPhone would be popular among iPhone fans.

45. Customer Success Stories

The best success stories come from your customers.

Why? Because they prove that your products and/or services work.

There’s nothing more powerful than a great testimonial to help you to drive sales.

Also, success stories have an innate “attract” factor to them because people want to know what exactly the person did to get the success that they have.

… and that’s when they will be motivated to purchase your stuff!


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I hope that this blog post about all the different types of blog posts that you can write has been eye-opening to you.

No more excuses anymore on not knowing what to write about!

The sky is the limit, as you can see.

Do share this blog post out and save this somewhere… when you’re looking for new ideas on what type of blog post to write about, be sure to come back and pick an idea of your choice!

If you have not started your blog, check out my how to start a blog in 20 minutes article (shared over 50,000 times) or sign up for my FREE workshop for more in-depth blog starter training:

Want to start your blog right? Check out my in-depth 4-part series on how to start a blog the right way!

Happy blogging!

xx Raelyn

45 Different Types of Blog Posts You Can Write About

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