30 Cool Places To Find Free Feminine Styled Stock Photos

Don’t we all love those pretty + feminine styled stock photos?

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE those photos.

(Sorry gentlemen! I know those styled stock photos cater more to the ladies!) 

They give your blog posts and marketing collaterals a professional and pretty edge almost instantaneously.

I have a post about the best place to get royalty free stock images, but some of you may be looking for free styled stock photos as well.


*drumroll* I’ve compiled the most comprehensive list of places you can get styled stock photos from!

Here are 30 places to find free styled stock photos 🙂

30 places to find FREE styled stock photos! These pictures are feminine, pretty and perfect for small businesses, creatives, bloggers and designers!
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30 amazing places to find FREE styled stock photos:

These resources are not written in any particular order.

1. Haute Chocolate: Haute Chocolate’s styled photos are really high-quality and chic. Sign up for her list and get 2 free styled stock photos – plus receive new ones every month! 🙂 (link here)

2. Mara Burkes: Mara is offering 90+ stock photos when you sign up here. Yes you heard me right, NINETY! That will probably last you for awhile 😉 (link here)

3. Ivorymix: Kayla has so many free styled stock photos available you’ll be spoiled for choice! There are a ton of styled stock photos on her website and she will even add more every month! Can anyone say wow! (link here)

styled-stock-image-8 (1)
Styled photo from Wonderlass

4. Wonderlass: I love Allison’s fun quirky brand and her pretty photos! Get 15 free styled stock photos from her. I love them all! (link here)

5. A Prettier Web: Mel offers 7 free styled stock photos when you sign up. These photos are all really pretty and feminine! Amazing. (link here)

6. Turquoise & Palm: I love Turquoise and Palm’s branding, it’s so cutesy and fun. Get 15 new photos and new photos every month when you sign up fo’ free. If you like what you see, they also have a paid stock gallery with over 1,200+ stock images for ya! (link here)

7. Helene In Between: Helene has 15 free stock photos for your blog and instagram, if you sign up here. They look really good! <3 (link here)

free-styled-black-white-coffee-resource (1)
Styled Photo From Solopreneur Sidekick

8. Solopreneur Sidekick: Grab 10 modern + chic stock photos fo’ free here. No opt-in required! Yay! I love Starbucks, so I am glad that so many of these photos feature c-o-f-f-e-e! (link here)

9. Feminine Stock: Here you’ll find quality images that speak to you, your business, and reflect authentic femininity. Get your first 5 premium images instantly, plus free images every month straight to your inbox! (link here)

10. Wonderfelle: These stock photos are absolutely gorgeous! Check out her site to get 10 free styled stock photos, plus free stock photos in your inbox each month! (link here)

11. Creative Convex by Pinkpot: Sign up with your email and get a high-resolution photo pack for free. That includes 30 landscape + portrait photos which are specially designed for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs. They all look amazing, by the way. (link here)

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Styled Stock Photography 3 (1)
Styled Coffee Photo from City Girl Searching

12. City Girl Searching: Sign up for her free resource library here and you’ll get access to 6 pretty styled stock images. (link here)

13. Create Her Stock: Neosha created “Create Her Stock” when she had trouble searching for authentic stock photos featuring black women. When you sign up for her list you’ll get a photo pack of 8 photos. (link here)

14. Kreanielle Design: You can find 2 beautiful mock-up photos and a feminine styled photo pack consisting of 10 photos over here. (link here)

15. This Creative Girl: This Creative Girl offers 7 free styled stock photos! (link here)

16. Blackline Design: Get free stock photos when you sign up for Blackline Design’s newsletter! (link here)

17. Shafaq O: Shafaq has a pretty huge collection of styled stock photos, which you can access if you sign up for her email list. (link here)

feminine photos (1)
Styled Black & Gold Photo From Gold And Berry

18. Gold And Berry: I am absolutely in LOVE with the styled stock photos at Gold And Berry. Highly recommend! They all look absolutely gorgeous, and there are multiple photo packs with different themes (minimalist, pink and gold, holiday, black and gold, and more) over here! (link here)

19. Shay Cochrane: Sign up for Shay’s newsletter and get a free stock image each month, straight into your inbox! You’ll also get a 10% discount for your first order at SC Stockshop. (link here)

20. Epicerie Du Blog: The site isn’t in english but you get free stock photos if you sign up, so why not? (link here)

21. Ashley Ella Design: Get 10 free stock photos (here) and another 10 free (here). Yay! 🙂

Styled Photo from Hello You Designs

22. Hello You Designs: Hello You Designs has many gorgeous freebies available when you sign up for her resource library. These photos are of extremely high quality and get my stamp of approval! (link here)

23. Dabbles and Babbles: Jamey is giving away 8 free desktop styled photos. All photos are logo free and not watermarked. If you like macaroons, you are in for a treat! (link here)

24. Make Your Blog Beautiful: This site may be relatively new to the block, but the photo quality is great. Get 7 free styled stock photos immediately, and then get a free styled stock image every month! (link here 

25. The Stock Boutique: An affordable stock photography subscription service for busy entrepreneurs who need instant access to beautiful, professional and engaging photos that help tell their brand story, book their dream clients. Get some free stock photos too! (link here)

26. Simple Embellished: This site specializes in styled stock photography! Sign up for their mailing list and you’ll get a free image (which looks really pretty btw), along with updates and offers every month! (link here)

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27. K19 Studio: K19 has a very chic brand and website. Get a free styled stock photo pack when you sign up. If you like the black and white look, you’re in for a treat. (link here)

28. Rekita Nicole: These photos are absolutely stunning. Sign up right now to get 11 free stock photos perfect for your blog and instagram posts! Rekita has a creative flair that not everyone has. (link here)

Styled image suitable for Instagram. From Amber Creative Co

29. Amber Creative Co: When you sign up for Amber’s freebie vault, you’ll get 6 free stock photos available for commercial use. You’ll also get a ton of worksheets, ebooks, icons, graphics and other helpful materials! (link here)

30. Twigyposts: This site is actually a styled stock shop, but when you sign up with your email you get a FREE sample image! (link here)

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I hope that you have found this blog post helpful! Please pin this post if its possible!

30 places to find styled stock photos and images for free! Get flat lays, creative photos, gold styled stock photos, use them on your website, blog and social media platforms! #styled #stock #photos #free

Happy stock photo hunting x

God bless,

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