Should You Start A Blog? Take This Quiz To Find Out!


Should YOU start a blog?

What a hard question to answer, right?

Today, you will find out the answer to that question in this blog post.

It is easy to simply just list out all the benefits of blogging, but I thought I should do this post “quiz style”.

In this post you will ask yourself several questions, and by the end of this blog post, you will know if you should start a blog or not.

Also, do note that we are talking about starting a blog as an online business and not a hobby blog.

But first, here’s why I started my blog…

Should you start a blog? Want to make money? Having second thoughts? Life getting in your way? I have created this quiz for you to find out! In this post you will ask yourself several questions, and by the end of this blog post you will know if you should start a blog or not. #start #blog #bloggingtips
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Why I started my blog

You can read the full version of my story at my about page but I know most of you guys wouldn’t… so here’s a summary!

I first starting blogging about 10 years ago because I wanted a place where I could get my voice heard. For years, I was a hobby blogger and blogged about anything cute and funny across various blogs.

Then, I had the opportunity to run a social enterprise cafe hiring the intellectually disabled and became obsessed with how I could get this cafe more customers via online avenues. I started blogging seriously about general digital marketing strategies.

Following that, I worked as a content marketer + managed social media for a mega-corporation.

That was when stumbled upon books like The 4 Hour Work Week and other blogging & entrepreneur related books and articles.

I got interested in how I could start online blogs & businesses using the marketing tools I already knew how to use.

An interest in blogging & digital marketing was combined with a desire to be location-independent. I also wanted to spend more time with my loved ones. I set a goal to turn my blog into a full-time business.

One piece of content led to another and before I knew it, my blog grew steadily and got so much traffic (it sounds very short here but it took me lots of sleepless nights and learning to master the necessary strategies), it was a natural move to monetize it as well.

That was when I realized, hey wait, I can actually work from home and I don’t actually have to work for someone else.

Today, I have close to a hundred free articles on my blog for your perusal (many of which has been shared more than 10k times) where I strive to empower others with no-nonsense, honest advice about how people can start and grow successful blogs and businesses, and a few high-quality courses that have transformed the lives of hundreds of my students.

My community has steadily grown to 50,000 entrepreneurs strong today – and I attribute this to over-delivering and quite simply, bringing results to people’s blogs and businesses and helping them start, launch and grow successful blogs and businesses.

I could talk about my marketing degree + corporate background and how everything I have been taught to do for the last half a decade revolved around marketing and getting people to know that you exist and buy things from you online. 

But what I am truly proud of is the ton of experiments and hard work and me testing things out MYSELF to find out what works. I have coached and taught hundreds of private clients and course students to get results with their blog + biz. 

Okay, I got a little too excited about sharing my story… back to the topic at hand.

So I share my long-winded story (or the backbone of it) to tell you that if you told me on day 1 of starting my blog what it would be like today, I would never have believed you.

We all start small.

The same applies to you – you wouldn’t know how your blog would turn out but it could turn into something beautiful that could transform your life for the better. 

A small step in the right direction today could change your life forever.

I know for a fact that it is 100% possible to start and grow a successful blog with the right guidance. But most people get scared even at step 0. If you put in the work, why not? Millions of people have done it before you. This isn’t rocket science.

Truly, it has changed my life, and if you put in the work – it will change yours too.

So my advice to you is – just do it. I sure was scared when I first started out but I felt the fear and did it anyway.

Things will never be perfect, so take things one step at a time, starting with the lessons here. 🙂

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Let’s start the quiz to find out if you should start a blog!

Section A: Sustainability

Practical questions to ask yourself! It is hard to build a blog business if you don’t have the desire to make money from it eventually. You end up with a hobby blog collecting dust as the years go by.

You want at least 1 “YES!” from this list of questions:

  • Do you want to make money and multiply your current income from your blog + business? (financial freedom)
  • Do you want to quit your job and be your own boss? (physical and emotional freedom)
  • Do you want some side income from your future blog + business?

Section B: Passion

In this section, we will look at reasons for you to start a blog + business, beyond the usual monetary motivations. Passion, interest, a desire to serve others, a love for writing or creating… whatever it is, it pushes you to start a blog and gives you the motivation to keep going.

You want at least 1 “YES!” from this list of questions:

  • Do you want to get your voice heard by people around the world?
  • Do you want to blog as a creative avenue?
  • Do you want to blog because blogging is FUN!?
  • Do you enjoy writing and want to write a ton of articles online?
  • Do you want to teach something that you’re passionate about?
  • Do you want to share with others particular ideas/ skills?
  • Do you want to inspire and impact others with a blog + online business?

Section C: Deal-breakers

It is better for you to get your time and money right first before starting your blog + business. Although running a blog + business does not take a lot of time, it does take up some amount of time.

You want  “YES!” for all questions in this list of questions:

  • Do you have 5 hours a week at least to dedicate to your blog + biz?
  • Do you have about $200 to pay for the necessary blog start-up expenses? (eg hosting, email service provider)

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So, what were your results? Should you start a blog or not? Comment below and let me know!

Most of the time it is a YES for many, but people are just afraid of doing so. You can do it! There is no such thing as a perfect time.

So… want to start a blog but don’t know where to start? My 4-part Blogging For Beginners Series which has been shared over 50k times will guide you step-by-step, all the tech training included. It’s time to start your blog today!

Part 1. Blogging For Beginners: How to Start a Blog in 20 Minutes
Part 2. Can’t Decide What’s The Best Blogging Platform to Use? Answers here.
Part 3. 11 Things To Do Immediately After You Start a New Blog
Part 4. 11 WordPress Plugins That Will Rock Your Blog

You can do this!

xx Raelyn

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