The Ultimate Guide: How to Become a Successful Infopreneur Online


What does it take to become a successful infopreneur online?

As someone who is successfully earning a full-time income as an infopreneur, I’m here to help!

In this post, I will share a TON of tips on how you can become a successful infopreneur – derived from my own personal experience and from helping tens of thousands of readers do the same in various niches.

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You ready?

Here’s what you will learn:

  • What exactly does it mean when someone is an infopreneur?
  • My infopreneur journey
  • The benefits of being an infopreneur
  • How does being an infopreneur work?
  • Step-by-step: How you can become an infopreneur
  • The 9 top tools every infopreneur needs
  • The 4 big mistakes infopreneurs commit
  • 14 ways you can make money as an infopreneur
How to be a successful infopreneur: This ultimate guide covers how you can make money as an infopreneur, the tools you need as an infopreneur, what an infopreneur is, and the mistakes to avoid when selling information as a blogger and entrepreneur for your online business! #infopreneur #business #online #blog #tips
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First off, what is an infopreneur?

An infopreneur is an entrepreneur who sells information. This can be done through ebooks, online courses, webinars, consulting, and more. The word itself is derived from “information” and “entrepreneur”.

Basically, you make money with the knowledge that you already have.

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My infopreneur journey


If you are new here, welcome!

Before I started this blog, I had already been blogging for 10 years as a hobby blogger. I blogged about anything cute and funny I could find, across various blogs.

Then, 3 things happened:

First, I spent 4 years in a top business school for a bachelor’s degree in marketing (first-class honors, on a scholarship) – I LOVE marketing and I wanted to do it for life.

Second, I had the opportunity to run a social enterprise cafe hiring people with intellectual disabilities and became obsessed with how I could get this cafe more customers via online avenues. I started blogging seriously about general digital marketing strategies and about the things I learned from that business.

Third, I realized that freedom is everything. I was later doing content marketing and social media for a mega-corporation. I saw that you can be strong, brilliant, kind, and smart, but your potential is severely limited when you’re chained to a 9-5 job and a 2-hour commute. 

At that point, I had all this marketing and blogging knowledge and wanted to make a living online. I made a decision to monetize the traffic I was getting, and created a business from a combination of blogging, affiliate marketing, selling courses and coaching.

I did not start off as an infopreneur, but I became one along the way because of my goals and dreams – and I LOVE IT.

What are the benefits of being an infopreneur?

Personally, being an infopreneur is one of the best things that have happened to me.

1) You already have your product

The most important thing you need to make money as an infopreneur is already living in your head. Chances are, you know something that someone else does not. You can teach them that.

2) Big demand

With the onset of the internet, there is way too much information online. With a culture of instant gratification and shorter attention spans, people are increasingly looking for courses to teach them the RIGHT strategies and methods in an organized manner.

If you don’t supply the demand, someone else will.

3) Multiply your time

You can package the information you know into an ebook, course, workbook – and then sell it over and over again.

This is a concept called multiplying your time. Make once, sell many times.

You get income, coming in month after month while your marginal cost remains largely the same.

This concept is not new, it is similar to opening a company and hiring someone as your associate trainer. They work and you get the rewards without spending much additional time. With technological advances, you now can package the information you have and sell it directly.

You are not paid by the amount of time you spend working, but by the value you bring.

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Let’s go through step-by-step: How you can become an infopreneur

1) Set up your brand and website

Decide what you want to sell, and set up a brand around it.

Let me give you a simple analogy. If you want to start an ice-cream business down the street, you have to set up a store, get a name, have a plan – starting an online business isn’t so different.

2) Get an audience

Going back to the ice-cream store analogy, you now need some customers to walk into your store.

For online businesses, that’s called getting traffic and subscribers.

There are many different ways to get traffic online – what’s most important is that you develop a reliable way to get leads into your business so that you can nurture them to know, like and trust you enough to purchase your info product down the line.

Many people do this through blogging, which mainly utilizes search engine optimization and social media to attract people to your website via the valuable content you write.

3) Sell your info product

Once you have created your website, crafted your business plan, and developed a way to grow your audience strategically, it’s time to sell your info product.

You can create your information product right at the start, or after you grow an audience – that’s up to you.

What I highly recommend for you to create is an online course. There is a higher perceived value for a course than say, an ebook. A course allows you to leverage your time well (refer to benefit #3 above). You can easily create an online course with Teachable – which is the course hosting platform I use and love.

Literally, all you will need is your training materials (e.g. you can record videos or you type text straight into your course) and Teachable gives you a swanky student platform, sales page, etc out of the box.

Related post: Why I Switched To Teachable To Host And Sell My Online Courses

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The essential tools every infopreneur will need

*Please note there are some affiliate links here, but only where relevant and at no additional cost to you. I personally use all of these myself and love them*

Now, there are probably a gazillion tools out there all marketing themselves as the best, but here are the ones I personally used to save you the hassle of purchasing tools that are sub-par and end up wasting your time.

My recommended host as of this point of writing. I have been using them for about 2 years! This blog is hosted on Siteground. Excellent support, 1-click WordPress installation, 30-day money back guarantee, affordable prices.

For more guidance, check out my tutorial on how to start a blog. It has been shared more than 50,000 times and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs start their websites successfully!

Click here to check out SiteGround.

  • Divi (Website theme for beginners with no coding skills)

Divi is my recommended theme if you ’re a real beginner with zero coding experience because of how insanely easy it is to customize a stunning site with Divi. Also, Divi is very popular and regularly updates itself so it is a great theme to get started with.

Click here to check out Divi.

I also offer a done-for-you website made using Divi! Your Stunning Website is built on the reliable Divi framework. I offer this website kit so that beginner bloggers and entrepreneurs can save a ton of time and money that people inevitably spend when they try to DIY their website themselves. Plus, your website won’t even look half as nice compared to what I can build for you!

Click here to learn more about Your Stunning Website. 

I use Teachable to run all my courses. It is an all-in-one course hosting solution to sell your digital courses – complete with sales page, video hosting solution and more. I cannot praise Teachable enough and I can’t believe I waited till recently to switch! I have received so many praises from my course students about how my courses are so much easier to navigate now.

Click here to sign up for Teachable if you’ve been looking into creating and selling your very own online course.

My recommended email provider, and what I am currently using. It ’s been more than a year, I still highly recommend Convertkit. It has been instrumental in the success of my business. It saves you a ton of trouble as its extremely easy to use and has a very intuitive user interface. It also has automation that allows you to tag and segment users to send uber targeted emails, and much more. I LOVE this!

Check out my full review here: Why I Switched to Using Convertkit As My Email Service Provider

Click here to check out Convertkit.

I use the Blue Yeti microphone to get crystal clear audio for my course videos. It is amazing, once you learn how to use it properly. I have had mine for 2 years and it still works perfectly. Worth every cent!

Microphone reviews here: The 5 Best Microphones Used By Entrepreneurs (For Online Video Creation)
Blue Yeti Microphone tutorial here: Blue Yeti Tutorial: How To Use The Blue Yeti Microphone To Get Clear Audio For Your Videos

Click here to check out The Blue Yeti Microphone.

I use Screenflow to edit all the training videos and it’s amazing.

Screenflow tutorial here: The 7 Techniques I Use to Edit My Videos With Screenflow

Click here to check out Screenflow.

  • Blog + Business Books

What do Bill Gates, Oprah, and most other rich people have in common? They read voraciously.

Here are my top recommended books for bloggers — learn the necessary business and marketing skills you will need from the best business, self-help and productivity experts around the world!

When it comes to payment processors, Paypal is definitely the most established one, but I have heard many stories of them withholding money from sellers. Stripe is a very good alternative that I have been moving my business towards.

Both are payment providers to collect your money for you when someone buys. When you’re on Teachable, they integrate Paypal & Stripe for you to allow you to have a seamless check-out process.

Click here to check out Paypal and Stripe

The 4 big mistakes infopreneurs commit

Here are 3 mistakes that you want to avoid as an infopreneur.

Mistake 1: Thinking that you have nothing to offer

It is easy to think, “Oh – I don’t really have anything in particular that I am good enough at to teach someone else”.

That’s not really true. You DO have something valuable that you know!

What do you do on a daily basis? What did you study? What’s your corporate background? What are your hobbies? What do people come to you for advice about? What are you proud of, a relationship, your kids? What do people praise you for? What are you passionate about? What drives you as an individual?

These are all starting points to dig deeper into who you are and what you are good at.

Mistake 2: Getting scared by the techy stuff, so you don’t start

Yes it is hard, but with technological advancements, it has become much easier. Years ago if you want to create an online course, you have to juggle a gazillion different softwares and do so many things manually.

Now, everything is settled for you with tools like Teachable. You can literally come up with an online course in 3 days or less!

So don’t let the tech stop you from doing things.

Mistake 3: Not having guidance

As long as you are starting a business, you will need guidance. Whether its books, courses, coaches, or consultants, make sure you educate yourself.

Otherwise, you end up getting stuck in the hole of “I don’t know what I am doing but because I want to be an entrepreneur, I adopt a #neversaydie attitude. A couple of years later, I am still nowhere, and I blame it on myself and my bad luck.”

Okay, that’s a long sentence, but you get what I mean. Find someone you can trustlisten, and take action.

Mistake 4: Not having a plan

If you decide that you want to be an infopreneur, but don’t have a plan to move forward, you obviously will not make progress.

A dream without any plans is just that… a dream.

Well, I have a blog business plan which you can use. It is a fully editable Google document that you can use for your infopreneur business. 

Click here to download your INFOPRENEUR Business Plan Template: A fully editable Google Doc template for you to get started with your biz plan today! (it’s free) »

How can you make money as an infopreneur?

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Wew, we’re now at the most exciting part! Next, I will talk about the different ways you can sell your information.

The sky is the limit, but here are the different ways you can monetize as an infopreneur:

You sell your information as paid content.

You provide free content, and then utilize indirect ways to monetize your knowledge.

Personally, I love affiliate marketing and courses, because they help bring income without annoying your readers (unlike ads).

The thing is, once you have a solid brand and an audience, you can offer a combination of the above or change how you monetize your information.

Okay, guys! We are nearing the end of this value-packed blog post. If you liked this post it would be really cool if you could share the post 🙂

Click here to download your INFOPRENEUR Business Plan Template: A fully editable Google Doc template for you to get started with your biz plan today! (it’s free) »

I hope that this post has been immensely helpful to you!

Wow, over the past 30 minutes, don’t you feel like you know so much more about how you can become a successful infopreneur already?

Well, I hope that’s the case!

If you are interested in learning more about how you can start and grow a successful blog * business, please do check out my courses – they are probably exactly what you need for your next breakthrough online without all the overwhelm 😉

See you around and I can’t wait for you to build that info-biz of yours!

Take care,

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