The Hello Bar Alternative: How I Got 196 New Subscribers in 15 Minutes

Recently, I thought about adding a hello bar to the top of my site.

As you probably know, I’m always looking for ways to build my email list.

I mean, I even wrote a post about how you can get more subscribers by optimizing your website.

In this post, I’ll be covering how I got 196 new subscribers with just 15 minutes of work.

Yes, really.


For those of you who don’t know what that is, Hello Bar adds a “slim bar” at the top of your website that sticks to the top as you scroll down.

Mine looked a little something like that:

Made using Hello Bar

Hello Bar Alternatives?

Unfortunately, Hello Bar didn’t quite work out for me…

After a few minutes, I realized that Hello Bar’s free plan has quite a lot of restrictions.

Particularly, there’s a huge “H” at the left side of each Hello Bar – this will direct people away from my site to the Hello Bar website.

Needless to say, that’s something I’m trying to avoid.

I thought about paying for the paid plan, but not before doing a quick search for any other alternatives.

And that’s when I found WP Notification Bars, a WordPress plugin that’s 100% free!

Both seem to work in exactly the same way too, so why not?

Proceeding to the “Hello Bar” Experiment

Looking for hello bar alternatives for your blog and online business? Here's how I used a hello bar alternative to get 196 new email subscribers per month with just 15 minutes of work.
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For the sake of convenience, I shall call this experiment the “Hello Bar” Experiment, even though I’m technically not using Hello BarI’ll be using WP Notification Bars instead.

Here’s why:

  • No need to give Hello Bar credit and bring people away from my website
  • WP Notification Bars allow people to click on a button first before inserting their details, as compared to Hellobar’s free plan whereby people have to fill in their details right inside the Hellobar (this decreases the opt-in rate).
  • I can link the “submit” button to a Leadbox and hence have control over what thank you page people are directed to, unlike Hello Bar whereby subscriber emails are collected into Hellobar and I cannot connect the Hellobar to my email service provider without paying.

Wondering what a Leadbox is? Check out my Leadpages review.

Hello Bar probably offers some more advanced options like A/B testing using its paid plan, but most of my readers aren’t at that stage yet.

So… how did the experiment go?

The end result: 196 new subscribers, without me doing anything! 

All I had to do was set it up.

I’ve only installed the bar for slightly over a month, so I must say that it has been really effective.

And the best part? The only thing I did was to install the bar! 🙂

Made using WP Notification Bars

By the way, I have absolutely no affiliation with WP Notification Bars and this post is not sponsored. 😉

You can download the plugin here.

I hope this helps! [Tweet “The Hello Bar Experiment: How to get 196 new subscribers with just 15 minutes of work?”]

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