101 Tips From Top Experts On How To Get More Traffic

Want to learn how to get more traffic? I’ve got your back!

In this post, I will be collating 101 top traffic tactics from articles written by 101 top experts to share with all of you.

Most of these experts are popular bloggers with huge followings and a solid reputation, while others are up and coming business owners with top-notch content.

If you see something that interests you, please click on the relevant expert’s name and you’ll be directed to the relevant blog post.

Without further ado, here you go!

Here is how to get more traffic for your online business: 101 tips from top experts to bring more traffic to your blog / website, including how to get more social media traffic, get more organic traffic and more!
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101 Tactics By Top Experts On How To Get More Traffic:

Use Proven Content Types


1. Successful Blogging: Write “how to” posts – solve a problem that your readers have.

2. The SITS girls: A blog post series is great to draw your readers into your blog in a deeper way, increase pageviews, and have space to delve deeply into a topic without overwhelming people. It is also a fantastic way to plan content ahead of time.

3. Digivate: Listicles bring traffic to your site. Our human brain loves lists – they organise information for us, putting them into pre-existing categories for an easy read. Numbers in their headlines also grab our attention, quantifying the length of the read for us before we start.

4. Pacific Community Ventures: Create regular round-ups of resources for your target audience, just like how Pacific Community Ventures has a small business round-up. Your audience will appreciate and share it.

5. Vertical Measures: Vertical Measures has a great weekly roundup of posts called The Weekly Measure which is a great strategy to bring traffic to your website. They do a great job of collating great links around the internet.

6. Marketing Terms: Create a resource that is so comprehensive, it becomes the best in the industry available. (Note from Raelyn: Marketing Terms has the best round-up of marketing tools I have ever seen. You can check it out here.)

Content Marketing Traffic Tips


7. Neil Patel: Create viral articles like Upworthy with these 3 tips: 1) Curiosity-driven headlines, 2) Fewer sharing buttons, and 3) A short emotional video.

8. Communicate Influence: 3 elements are involved in getting your content seen: 1) Your audience, 2) Your message to this audience, and 3) The point of view that you bring to the content.

9. Adeel Sami: Use Answer The Public to research great content ideas that your readers will love.

10. Web Lift: Revisit old articles and update them with new information, increased content and more. Articles which are updated perform much better than those which are not.

11. Figaro Digital: Make the most of your best quality content – take conscious effort to constantly refresh and republish your best content.

12. 3dcart: Create content that 10x the quality of your competitors ranking for that keyword and you will see your traffic skyrocket in no time.

Social Media Traffic



Here are 2 relevant posts about Pinterest that I’ve written that you may like:

13. Mckinzie @ Mom Makes Cents: Get onto Pinterest. Pinterest is the 4th largest traffic driver in the world and according to Inc., it is responsible for 41% of all e-commerce traffic.

14. Blog Clarity: Learn how to game the Pinterest smart feed, which is the Pinterest equivalent of Facebook’s newsfeed. Accept that search on Pinterest is king, and make it uber easy to pin content from your blog. Also, create pin descriptions with a balance of keywords and engaging copy.

15. This Mama Learns: Pinterest is a fantastic traffic tool. Treat Pinterest like a visual search engine – all the rules about keywords, regularity of posting and SEO apply.

16. Suzi @ Start A Mom Blog: Find active group boards on Pinterest to join. Don’t just join group boards, join the right group boards. You can do this by looking at a more advanced blogger in the same niche and seeing which group boards they join.

17. Melyssa Griffin: Treat Pinterest is a search engine, not a social media platform.

18. Chasing Foxes:  Create pin images that are longer, brighter and of a higher quality. It definitely stands out.

19. Angie @ The Work At Home Wife: Sign up for Boardbooster (Note from Raelyn: I now use Tailwind since Boardbooster has closed down) and start focusing on Pinterest!

20. xoSarah: Photos with people (but not their faces incidentally) are more pinnable than just graphics. 23 percent more pinnable to be precise!


21. Elizabeth K. Bradley: Most Facebook groups have been created for the sake of bringing people who share an interest or goal together. When networking in them, 1) Be helpful, 2) Be consistent in your postings and interaction, 3) Share wins and encouragement and 4) Ask questions.

22. Miranda Nahmias: Connect your Facebook page to your Facebook personal profile. If you hang out in Facebook groups, people have a tendency to click over to check you out.

23. Lizzie Lau: Use Facebook groups to promote your blog. Community is the key to getting your blog post out there. The best way to get beyond your own reach is to join a network of other bloggers and amplify each other.

24. Flourishing Freelancer: Find other blogging groups and partner with other bloggers to promote each other’s websites. (Check out Dani’s list of 201 Facebook groups for entrepreneurs – it will keep you busy with your promotion efforts.)

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25. Mostly Blogging: Join a Stumbleupon group and get other people to stumble your links to get more traffic.


26. Tim Peter: Content is still king. The simple fact is that we’re all publishers now and that your customers increasingly rely on the information they find on your website, blog, and social media channels while making purchase decisions.


27. Spot Studio: Instagram can be a great traffic source. 1) Have good aesthetics, 2) Know the goal of each photo, 3) Use hashtags, 4) Engage with key influencers, and more.

28. I Teach Blogging: Post regularly on Instagram: Need ideas on what to post on Instagram? Here are some overarching themes to follow: 1) Inspire/ Motivate, 2) Educate, 3) Be Human, or 4) Share a Story.

29. Oak and Oats: Participating in Instagram challenges to boost your blog traffic.


30. AdHawk: Times are tough for marketers on Twitter these days. With all the automated spam out there, it’s not only tough to find quality content, but also to get your quality content noticed. Consider participating in engaged Twitter chats to get more traffic.

31. Small Business Bonfire: Have a decent Twitter profile to compel people to follow you. More Twitter followers = more traffic getting to your website!


32. My Social Agency: Linkedin is fantastic for B2B lead generation. According to recent figures published by LinkedIn, it now has over 500 million users worldwide in January 2016.

33. Writology: Try connecting with other businesses on Linkedin – reach out to them to promote your products or services.

Your Overall Social Media Strategy

get-more-traffic-social-media-strategy (1)

34. Blog Beautifully: Be very active on social media. If you’re consistent with your social media activity, your target audience will get to know you and might even visit your site.

35. Techwyse: The time of day you decide to share your posts online can affect how far it reaches. Buffer’s optimal scheduling tool allows you to discover the best time to share on social media. FollowerWonk allows you to find out when your Twitter followers are the most active during the day. You can also use Twitter analytics and Facebook insights.

36. Danielle Zeigler: Optimize your blog post photos for Pinterest and other social media networks.

37. Brittany Berger: Don’t forget to use automation to post regularly on social media.

38. Nile @ Blondish.net: Have a focus for your social media strategy. Dont spread yourself too thin.

39. Big Leap: Social media is about more than writing an article for a blog or posting a photo—it is about creating a conversation about that article or photo. Be interactive!

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Nurture And Leverage On Your Existing Audience


Relevant posts that’ll help you to engage your existing subscribers better:

40. Meera Kothand: Know what your reader and subscriber touch points are: Your freebie, landing page, thank you page, welcome email and the emails you send. Nurture your audience at each stage properly and get them coming back again and again to your site.

41. Think Creative CollectiveMake it easy for your readers to share your articles with tools like Click To Tweet and Sumome (a social sharing plugin).

42. Visible Digital: Include social media links within the emails that you send to your subscribers – all they have to do is open the email to instantly share your content to their network. Make sure you include all social media channels.

43. Solo DevCreate a HTML email signature and get your email contacts to visit your site!

Sharpen Your Writing Style


Writing and content creation tips on the blog:

44. Pat Flynn @ Smart Passive Income: Make sure you have the basics down so that you’re setting yourself up for success in the future and writing articles in a very valuable way. Focus on writing quality articles, unique articles, and answering questions that people are asking you.

45. Jeff Goins: The title of your post says it all – write catchy headlines to get more people to your site.

46. Erika @ Olyvia.co: Deliver the full version of your personality! Avoid being bland at all cost. You MUST give your readers something that makes them want to come back.

47. Shonali Burke: What we write, type, send, say, record, photograph, literally has the power to spark conversation, action, and change. Communicate in a way that brings people to hope, not despair, and people will be attracted to the power of you!

48. Edward Beaman: Let your passion shine through in your writing. You will stand out, enjoy more leads and increased conversions. Avoid jargon, clichés, monotony, and dullness.

Guest posting


49. Problogger: Guestpost. One of the most powerful ways of exposing your writing to a new group of people is to put some of your best content on other peoples blogs – and not your own.

50. Christopher Jan B: To get readers to actual visit your site from your guest posts, you need to provide value to the blog post you will write for them. Here is a list of 1,343 blogs that accept guest posts.

Your Branding


51. ByRegina: Get your brand to stand out from the crowd. Don’t copy, be authentic!

52. Marianna @ The Collective Mill: Start branding your business. It makes you more professional and get more readers.

53. Social Media Marketing: Take a “customers matter” approach and building real relationships with customers can make a huge impact in growing your brand.

54. Monique @ Keep Chasing The Stars: The content that you are creating tells your audience who your brand is for. People need to relate their struggles/ pains/ issues to your solutions. If they can’t they’ll click over to the next person. Make sure you stay on brand.

Your Website


55. Melinda Emerson @ Succeed As Your Own Boss: Update your website. Keep your website professional -make sure all the links work. Your homepage should include clear information on the pain points for your target audience and how you can assist in solving them. Use a contact form and be sure your email and phone number are posted.

56. Red Kite Creative: Speed up your website, or risk visitors bouncing away from your website and never coming back.

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Traffic Starts From Within You


57. Restored 316 Designs: Set traffic goals, and find an accountability partner to help you stay on track to reach your goals.

58. Web Design Relief: When it comes to employing promotional strategies, design your promotional strategy according to your strengths and weaknesses. Do you have talents or tricks or interesting personality traits you could leverage on?

59. R&R Web Design: Get into a blogging routine. If you deviate from routine, you simply do not get what you need to get done. It is that plain and simple.

60. Jeni @ The Blog MavenIf your blog is going to be successful, you need to be helping someone. Inspiring someone to think differently and act differently. Seek to make someone’s life better.

SEO: Getting Organic Traffic


61. Backlinko: When it comes to ranking on Google, links are critical. A few sources of backlinks you can consider: Provide testimonials, offer your product to bloggers for free to review, do link roundups, use HARO, do email outreach, and much more!

62. Ann Smarty: Optimize your images for search engines. Use keywords in alt text, in paragraphs around the image, and your in image file name.

63. Mad Lemmings: Here is a great and simple SEO strategy: 1) Find low competition keywords to potentially rank for on Google, 2) Write a variety of blog posts to increase your chances to rank, 3) Build some links to the site via guest posts.

64. Elna Cain @ Twins MommyUse the last modified date of your blog posts, instead of the date that it was published. Google likes fresh and new content.

65. iBlogZoneThe SEO ranking of your website is ensures higher traffic and increased browsing. Here are some SEO tips: 1) Make your site mobile-friendly,  2) Make your site fast, 3) Use long-tail keywords in your SEO strategy, and 4) Switch your site to https!

66. Upcity: Improve your business’s visibility on Google Maps. Having a visible listing in Google Maps is a great way to boost local SEO and make your business location easier for potential clients/customers to find.

67. DK Speaks: Google has displayed a clear intention of moving towards videos and images, especially with the acquisition of notable startups like MoodStock and EyeFluence. Emails and blogs with embedded videos are already showing 63% more CTR.

68. Suzen @ Omaginarium: It is critical to implement on-site SEO strategies to your articles, such as having a keyword rich article title and including your keyword phrase into your copy.

69. E Creative Works: Focus on keywords and do good keyword research for each article.

Collaboration With Other Bloggers


70. Noah Kagan: Get in touch with top influencers, either by cold emailing or better still, via a referral from someone you know.

71. Niche Hacks: Networking with influencers works best on Twitter as they can easily hit re-tweet and share with their audiences.

72. Blogging From Paradise: All traffic grows – especially when you are a new, unknown blogger – through the power of building 1 to 1 friendships with like-minded folks.

73. Minuca Elena: Write an expert round-up – it gives you the chance to connect with other bloggers, you will leverage their influence and get them to send readers to your blog.

74. Jade Oak: If you make great connections, your blogging network will grow and others will recommend and link to your content. Be sure to share other people’s content on social media, visit blogs and leave comments and be supportive in groups like on Facebook. Sharing is caring!

75. Invoice Berry: Form strategic partnerships. Networking is an under-utilized way to grow brand awareness for little to no investment. Find individuals who work in or around your industry offering complementary products and services.

76. Spiralytics: Build relationships with thought leaders and influencers in your industry. Comment on their blog posts, follow them in social media, introduce yourself, email them. When they see that your content is relevant, they may promote your content in their own social media feeds too.

Paid Traffic


77. Income Diary: The big advantage of PPC traffic is that you can buy traffic that is targeted and likely to convert. One source of PPC traffic is Google Adwords.

78. MaAnna @ Blog Aid: When you hit the SEO limit and organic growth slows, consider paid traffic. It is important to diversify your traffic sources!

79. Marketing LandCreate creative ads that stand out by catching onto trendy topics and knowing what your audience will love.

80. Arc Stone: Consider promoting your website with Twitter ads. With 100 million users at your fingertips, you may want to consider going beyond simply utilizing free tweets, and invest a little money in paid campaigns.

81. Marketing Mojo: Use retargeting ad campaigns to bring visitors back to your website. It is cost-effective and allows you to reengage with your visitors in a targeted way.

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Images & Video


82. Optimize Marketing: Using images will get your content noticed, which is the first step to drive traffic to your website.

83. Six Degrees Digital Media: Differentiate yourself from everyone else by using video. Video is #1 type of post that is shared on social media. YouTube is a very popular search engine.

84. Idea Rocket Animation: Video SEO is essential to your marketing strategy – and also keep in mind that quality video gets quality results.

85. Inspiria Media: You can now take high-quality live videos and post them quickly to social media. Video is quicker, more engaging and more dynamic than written posts, drawing your viewers into your world.

86. Brafton: Use infographics – people love sharing infographics and they bring a lot of traffic to your site. Here’s how to make your own printables for your website.

Looking At Analytics


87. Allison Marshall @ Wonderlass: Check your analytics and study what works. You will be able to check which blog posts are the most popular. This is a great way to see what is working and what is not so that you can keep doing MORE of what is working, and less of what is not.

88. Buzz & Tips: Delve deep into your analytics to understand your target audience. Behavioral analysis can tell you how your customers feel about your brand, how they respond to your messaging, and what factors guide their journey through your website. [Tweet “I am really loving this post with 101 traffic tips from top experts! Lots of traffic gems.”]

Other Great Traffic Tips


89. Design Your Own (lovely) Blog: Quizzes are a great way to get more traffic and subscribers to your business. Create your own quiz using Interact!

90. Growth Rabbit: Use Google Alerts to set up a notification for topics related to your niche. On receiving a Google Alert, visit those sites mentioned – read, consume the article, blog and post a thoughtful comment at the end. Here’s how to set up your own Google Alert!

91. Matthew Woodward: Getting traffic can be quite literally as simple as finding people that need help on forums and helping them.

92. Traffic Generation Cafe: Consider using Slideshare – over 80% of SlideShare’s 70 million visitors come through organic search. That adds up to a lot of eyeballs for your content. (Ana Hoffman has great tutorials on how you can use Slideshare to grow your traffic.)

93. Blogo: Use Blogo as a portable, distraction-free writing studio with a real, live preview – this allows you to blog from all devices. This is a quick and easy way to publish great content which will attract readers.

94. Helene In BetweenSign up for Bloglovin. Following other bloggers and liking their posts is a great way to gain more followers, and essentially, more pageviews. Make sure to claim your blog and add a follow button to your site. Make it visible so that others can follow you easily. Don’t forget to interact on Bloglovin.

95. Freshbooks: Webinars are a perfect way to form close connections with your target market. You can team up with a complementary business to host a webinar about your industry.

96. Smart Blogger: Republish your post on Medium for more traffic.

97. Omnistar: Use affiliates and referrals to boost your sales online. Omnistar is a software you can consider.

98. Social Media Just For Writers: Write a book and get attention to it on Amazon.

99. News Media Alliance: Use chatbots to engage your audience and build hype.

100. BalihooConnect with consumers via mobile advertising – have a mobile targeting strategy that works hard for you.

101. Big Apple Media: One way to bring in local traffic is by submitting your website to local business directories. People are always looking for local businesses using popular search engines.

My personal takeaways after looking through 500+ articles from 101 experts…

Guess what? After reading so many traffic articles, I observed a couple of recurring advice that kept coming back again and again.

Here they are:

  • Many experts cited the importance of SEO.
  • Images and videos are a great way to get your content found.
  • You still have to write from your heart and produce the best content you can produce.
  • Facebook groups and Pinterest are very popular platforms that many experts recommend.
  • Collaboration with other bloggers and guest posting are still highly recommended.

That’s all folks.

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