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190+ Catchy Headlines / Blog Titles To Get More Attention

A good headline will make or break an article’s success.

Headlines are the most important part of any article – in fact, they are sometimes even more important than the article’s content!

While only a small portion of my visitors read an article to completion, 100% them will read your post title.

Here are 190 headlines/ blog title templates that you can use to rock your headlines.

The importance of a catchy headline / blog post title

A catchy headline would do a ton of great things for you:

  • Increase your click-through rates
  • Increase engagement
  • Grab people’s attention
  • Make your blog posts more interesting
  • More people reading would, of course, result in more subscribers.

Are you ready? Behold, the greatest collection of high-converting templates that will get you more attention and clicks!

Get 190 proven, high-converting catchy headline templates! Rock your blog post titles today and get your readers drooling for more! Free printable included.

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Each headline comes in a fill-in-the-blank template so that you can easily personalize the headlines for your needs.

I have also taken the liberty to split these headline templates into different psychological archetypes.

Understanding why these headlines work would motivate you to use them, right?!

Why did I bother? Because I care for you. You’re welcome 🙂

*Note: You may see some headlines with a [#] in them. Simply replace # with a number of your choice – these are mostly list posts.


Catchy headline templates that promise to get rid of a problem your readers are facing. 

1. How To Get Rid Of _____
2. [Problem]? Here’s How to Fix It
3. Get Rid Of _____ For Good!
4. The Best Ever Solution for _____
5. Is _____ Affecting Your _____?


Headlines that promise massive results in your readers’ life, enticing them to check your article out.

6. How to Create the Perfect _____
7. [#] Tips to Skyrocket Your _____
8. How To Create _____ To Explode Your _____
9. How To _____ Your   _____ For Massive Growth
10. How To Completely Change ____
11. How To _____ Like An Expert/ Pro
12. [#] _____That Will Change Your Life
13. Never Worry About _____ Again
14. How To Permanently Stop _____, Even If You’ve Tried Everything!
15. How To Own Your Next _____
16. [#] Life-Changing Ways To _____
17. [#] Ideas to Supercharge Your _____
18. [#] Ways To Master Your _____
19. [#] Steps To Turn _____ Into _____
20. [#] _____ That Will Make You _____
21. Want To _____? Now You Can!


Uncertain about your future? These blog post titles promise to reveal information that will empower you to make great decisions for your future.

6 templates from this headline archetype: Download the printable PDF to get ’em all!

Click the button below to download this post in a printable PDF, PLUS get 25+ more headline templates from 3 additional psychological archetypes, fo’ free: 

Click Here to Download Your FREE Printable: 220 Proven Headline Templates That Will Get Random Browsers Drooling Over Your Content »


Article titles that leverage on your readers’ desire for change in their lives.

22. [#] Ideas To Spark Your _____
23. Forget _____, Try This _____
24. The One Thing You Need to Change _______ 


Humans like to save time and want results without putting in much effort. These headlines promise quick and easy fixes.

25. How To _____ in [#] Minutes
26. How To _____ in [#] Easy Steps
27. How To Quickly _____
28. How To Make A _____ The Easy Way
29. How To Jump Start Your _____
30. How To _____Without _____
31. [#] Bite-Sized Tips To Create _____ in Under 20 Minutes
32. [#] Tips for Effortless _____
33. [#] Easy Fixes to _____
34. _____ Your _____ In _____ Days or Less
35. [#] Greatest _____ Hacks For _____
36. Give Me 30 Minutes And I’ll Give You _____
37. Try These [#] _____For A Week, And Be Twice As _____
38. 1 Simple Rule To _____
39. [#] _____ Guaranteed To Make Your _____ Easier
40. [#] Simple Things You Can Do To Be A _____
41. Triple Your Results Without _____
42. The _____ Shortcut To _____


Headlines that tap into people’s desire to be smart, informed and savvy.

43. [#] Most Strategic Ways To Accelerate Your _____
44. [#] Actionable Ways To _____
45. The Go-Getter’s Guide To _____
46. [#] No-Nonsense ____
47. [#] Clever Tools To Simplify Your _____
48. [#] Savvy Ways To _____
49. Getting Smart With: _____
50. Everyone Focuses On _____. Instead, _____
51. [#] Smart Strategies To _____


Fun and quirky blog titles that stand out from the crowd. Interesting headlines for the win!

52. [#] Weird But Effective _____ For _____
53. [#] Unusual Ways To Leverage Your _____
54. How to  _____ Like A Ninja!
55. _____ Defined In Just [#] Words
56. Break All The Rules And _____


I personally try to avoid fear-based marketing if I can, but it works. These headlines tap into your readers’  fears and gets them to click to avoid certain negative consequences.

57. Think You Know How To _____?
58. When _____ Backfires: How To _____
59. How To _____ The Right Way
60. How Not To Become A _____
61. [#] Things You Should Never Do _____
62. [#] Rookie Mistakes _____ Make
63. [#] Biggest _____ Mistakes And What You Can Do About Them
64. Warning: _____
65. [#] Questions You Should Ask Before _____
66. Are You Losing _____ Due To _____?
67. [#] Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make
68. [#] Major Mistakes Most _____ Continue To Make
69. [#] Things That Will Trip You Up In _____
70. Are You Still Wasting Money On _____?
71. [#] _____ That Will Break Your _____


Headlines that stir crap up. Don’t you know that most humans are naturally drawn to gossip and drama? 😉

72. Confessions Of A _____
73. Dear _____, This Should _____
74. [#] Unbelievable Stories Of _____
75. Why Haven’t _____ Been Told These Facts?
76. How _____ Is Ripping You Off
77. Dear _____: You’re Not _____


Great headlines that directly addresses your readers’ emotions. May also make them feel warm and fuzzy. 😉

78. When You Feel _____
79. Why It’s Absolutely Okay To _____
80. [#] Heart-warming Stories Of _____
81. Like _____? Then You’ll Love This _____
82. If You Can _____, You Can _____
83. To The _____Who Will Settle For Nothing Less Than _____


Comparing 2 or more different things will make for an interesting discussion, especially if you’re using the comparison to recommend certain products.

3 templates from this headline archetype: Download the printable PDF to get ’em all!

Click the button below to download this post in a printable PDF, PLUS get 25+ more headline templates from 3 additional psychological archetypes, fo’ free: 

Click Here to Download Your FREE Printable: 220 Proven Headline Templates That Will Get Random Browsers Drooling Over Your Content »


If you build your brand around being actionable and no-nonsense like me, you’ll be exercising this archetype of blog titles pretty often.

84. The Essential Guide To _____
85. The Step by Step Guide To _____
86. Beginners Guide: _____
87. The Practical Guide To _____
88. The Ultimate Guide To _____
89. [#]-Point Checklist: _____
90. The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On _____
91. The Complete Guide To _____
92. The Definitive Checklist For _____
93. How To _____ : A _____ Survival Guide
94. The Complete Library Of _____
95. The Dos And Don’ts Of _____
96. [#] Resources To Help You _____


Curiosity kills the cat! These headlines tap on people’s need to know what they currently don’t know. 

97. [#] _____ Facts _____ Should Know
98. [#] Things You Didn’t Know about _____
99. [#] Things Your _____ Doesn’t Tell You
100. [#] Secrets To _____
101. [#] Dirty Little Secrets Of _____
102. The _____ Secret Sauce?
103. Little Known Ways To _____
104. The _____ No One Is Using!
105. [#] Things Nobody Tells You About _____
106. The Real Truth About _____
107. [#] Unexpected _____ That Will _____
108. How To Unlock _____
109. Why _____ Is Really Worth _____
110. [#] Unspoken Rules About _____ Every _____ Should Know
111. [#] Reasons You Didn’t Get _____
112. _____ Myths You Need To Ignore
113. What Your _____ Can Reveal About Your _____
114. [#] _____ You Forgot About _____
115. This Is What Happens When You _____


Headlines that emphasize that the article has extremely !important! content.

116. [#] Essential Ingredients For _____
117. [#] Key Benefits Of ____
118. What Everybody Ought To Know About _____
119. The [#] Commandments Of _____
120. [#] Rules For _____
121. Why _____ Is the Key To _____
122. [#] Most Effective Tactics To _____
123. Best Tip Ever: _____
124. [#] Tips For _____ That You Absolutely Can’t Miss _____
125. [#] Must-Read _____ On _____
126. [#]_____ You Need To Know About _____
127. The Only _____ You Should _____ Today
128. [#] Questions You Must Ask Before _____
129. [#] _____ That You Need Immediately 


Headlines that play on our inner badass to gain an advantage over others.

130. [#] Tricks To Get More Eyeballs On Your _____
131. [#] _____ Everyone Should Steal From _____
132. [#] Tactics To _____
133. The Subtle Art Of _____
134. [#] Eye-Catching _____ That Will _____


Common but catchy blog titles that every blogger should know.

135. How To Find _____
136. How To Create _____
137. How To Deliver _____
138. How To Use _____
139. How to Be _____
140. How To Build _____
141. [#] Ways to _____
142. [#] Creative Ways to _____
143. [#] Unique Ways To _____
144. [#] Types of _____
145. [#] Steps to _____
146. [#] Tips to _____
147. [#] Pro Tips To _____
148. [#] Juicy Tips _____
149. [#] Amazing Tips _____
150. [#] Reasons To _____


Headlines that allow your readers to learn from your experience – so that they can learn from your successes and avoid your mistakes!

151. [#] Things I Wish I Knew About _____
152. What I Learned From _____
153. How To _____: My _____ Advice To _____
154. I Don’t Regret _____. But Here’s What I’d Do Differently.
155. [#] Lessons About How Not To _____
156. Behind The Scenes Of A _____
157. How I Became _____
158. What It Is Like To _____
159. [#] _____ I Absolutely Love
160. The Best _____ I’ve Ever Gotten
161. The [#] _____That Helped Me _____
162. Why I’m _____
163. How I Found A _____ Way To _____


Humans like to follow the crowd. These catchy headlines allow us to follow what’s popular, and to learn from top experts.

16 templates from this archetype: Download the printable PDF to get em’ all!

Click the button below to download this post in a printable PDF, PLUS get 25+ more headline templates from 3 additional psychological archetypes, fo’ free: 

Click Here to Download Your FREE Printable: 220 Proven Headline Templates That Will Get Random Browsers Drooling Over Your Content »


Because we all love to feel impressed, amazed and awed.

164. [#] Amazing _____ To Try Right Now
165. [#] Insanely Powerful _____ You Need To _____
166. [#] Insane _____ That Will Give You _____
167. [#] Most Amazing _____ To _____
168. [#] Mind-Blowing Facts About _____
169. [#] Terrific Tips To _____
170. Brilliant _____To Make Your _____More _____
171. [#] Incredible Things Made By _____
172. [#] Stunning _____That Will Give You _____
173. [#] Stunning Examples Of _____
174. [#] Examples Of _____To Inspire You
175. [#] _____That Will Motivate You Today
176. The [#] _____Of All Time


Headlines that leverage on the SHOCK factor.

177. [#] Outrageous _____
178. [#] Ridiculously _____To
179. [#] Shocking _____ To _____
180. [#] Surprising _____
181. Stop! _____ Is Not _____


Headlines that ride on the logical part of people’s brains – by promising hard facts and solid research backed by science.

182. Definitive Proof That _____ Are _____
183. The Science Of _____: How To _____
184. [#] Proven Ways To _____
185. [#] _____ That Are Proven To _____
186. [#] Facts About _____
187. [#] Fool-proof Tactics To Get You More _____
188. [#] Sure-Fire Formulas That Work With _____
189. [#] Epic Formulas To _____
190. What [#] Studies Say About _____
191. [#] Data-Driven _____ To _____
192. [#] Easy Ways To _____ That Are Proven To _____
193. _____ That Will Skyrocket By [#]% In [#] Years
194. [#] Out Of [#] People Don’t _____. Are You One Of Them?
195. The Guaranteed Method To _____

Liked all these headline templates? Download your free printable and refer to the PDF every time you want to write a headline. It’s free 🙂


Credits + Sources: Twelveskip | Copyblogger | Coschedule | Smart Blogger | Cosmopolitan | New York Times | My Head 🙂

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This is such a great resource. It’s bookmarked so that I can refer to it with every new blog post.

That’s great! Feel free to download the printable so that you can reference these headlines more conveniently.


Hi – Could you please let me know when the Link to download this is working again ? It only makes the entire page go “grey”, and there is no way to download this currently. Thank you so much.

So sorry! I just fixed the link. It should work now!


I love your web design. It cheers me to learn more and more from you. Great success for you!

Thank you Lian for your kind words, I really appreciate it 🙂

I’ve clicked on a number of free offers and they stop loading at 50% and I never get any of the offers. Want to check them please? Also lesson #2 says to go to web site and I signed in but didn’t get accepted. Is there a reason?

Mind emailing me at raelyn[at]raelyntan.com? Don’t really get you there. 🙂 Lesson 2 of what? Which free offers? 🙂

Fantasitic list of useable titles. Thank you so much. I’ll definitely be keeping them handy as I write my blog posts.

Hey Sarah, thank you. Appreciate you stopping by!

I pinned it, I shared it, I love it. Especially the psychological archetypes that you categorized them into. 🙂

Hey Sandee, thank you so much for sharing! I really really appreciate it. And I hope this has been helpful!

Fantastic resource! Thanks for the helpful content!

You’re welcome, Melissa!


Hi – When I click on download link for the headlines printables, the windows becomes grey and nothing happens.

What am I doing wrong?


Hey Amir, I believe the button stopped functioning, but it should be working now! 🙂


I would love to download all the templates for the ‘Catchy Headlines’ but when I click the picture it does nothing and I dont see any download button for all of them

I am so sorry, not sure what happened but I’ve just fixed the button! It should work now.


I can’t seem t download the the PDF for the full 220 headlines-popup blocker is diabled, so thats not the reason. could you please send it to me? im already on your email list 🙂 thanks!

So sorry! I just fixed the link. It should work now!

This is great!
Thank you Raelyn

You’re welcome, Mishele!

What a superb post. God knows how long this must have taken you. Thanks so much for sharing. I’m a newbie blogger (>4 months), may I ask what dimensions you used for this infographic? Kind regards, Peter.

Hey Peter, yeah it did take me a long long time… It’s 735px by 3189px 🙂

This was sooo helpful. I’ve basically started incorporating some of these title ideas into my blog posts, and it honestly catches a lot of attention. Wish I had found this a lot sooner.
Thanks soo much, great post!

You’re welcome, Eleanor! 🙂

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