A Personal Post + Biz Update: Setting Goals For May 2017

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Hey guys,

I have been doing a lot of reflection lately about how to take my biz to the next level.

A key thing I have noticed is that my content tends to be very tactical. Examples include “5 tips to…” or “101 strategies to…”. (Read: How to write a great blog post)

These articles are great for for SEO purposes, provide AMAZING value and does a great job in terms of getting people to come to my site. However, I also want to start including a different kind of article – heartfelt, personal and inspirational articles that connect to my audience on a deeper level.

To start, I thought I should pen out a post like this, to share more about myself, my biz and how I intend to take things to the next level.

Here are some of my goals for the month!

Open a “personal post” category in my blog

As I mentioned, I want to start writing a series of personal posts. The first of which will be this post.

I haven’t yet came up with an actual name for it, but I want to make such posts a regular thing on this website.

Some things I intend to include:

  • Progress reports, goals for my biz
  • Personal biz + life stories
  • My thoughts on certain things in the blogging / entrepreneurial scene
  • Inspirational stuff

It connects me to my audience and actually, I really enjoy writing such posts.

Incorporating Back-end Funnels

While things may not have changed much front-end (aka the part that you see), I have been incorporating a lot of back-end funnels to my business. This includes an email funnel and a webinar funnel to make sales for my blog & business courses without having to constantly launch.

The reason? I have a ton of traffic and new subscribers every single day – what a good problem to have, to feel like I’m growing toooo fast to convert these new people into customers!

The beauty of evergreen courses is that I don’t have to keep exerting effort to launch in order to make profits.

The majority of my time this month will be spent on this.

Reducing Expenses With Annual Plans

I believe in creating a lean-startup and minimizing costs as much as possible. Just by switching some of my monthly expenses to annual plans, I have been able to save about $100 dollars a year. It adds up after awhile.

What about you? Could you save money by switching to annual plans, or asking if they have annual plans?

Takeaways From Reading “The One Thing” by Gary Keller

I read The One Thing by Gary Keller over the weekend. It’s a book about focusing on ONE THING and ignoring all other distractions.

I agree, when you focus on just one thing, your business grows. In the book, he talks about focusing on just one product and making it really great.

As such, in the next few months, I have decided that I would be focusing majorly on making Traffic Subscribers Yours the MOST popular traffic and list building course for invisible bloggers and entrepreneurs to grow an audience online.

My other course, Kickstart Your Blog will be retained and constantly updated to help beginner bloggers get started. It will be an evergreen course though.

Big launch

I have been learning a lot about having really big profitable launches. I will be having a big launch in June, so stay tuned 🙂

New posts

I intend to step up the posting frequency on the blog this month – I aim to write 2-3 times a week! That would be Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I am switching things up to see if posting more will help bring more visitors.

Will an increased post frequency work in my favor? Look forward to my next update!

That’s all folks

That’s all for this progress report, folks! I try to keep things simple and have just 1-2 main goals every month.

For this month, it will be working on my back-end funnels and increasing the posting frequency on the blog.

Now tell me… would you like more posts like this?

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Thank you so much!

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