50 Blog Income Reports: From $2,000 to $1,000,000 a Month (Cheatsheet Included!)

This is Part 2 of 2 of the Show Me The Money series:

Part 1. How Much Do Bloggers Really Make? (Thousands of Bloggers Surveyed!)
Part 2.  50 Blog Income Reports: From $2,000 to $1,000,000 a Month (Cheatsheet Included!)

Are you curious about how much money other bloggers are making?

Well, you’re at the right place. Welcome to the ultimate round-up of income reports you will find on the internet.

It took me weeks of research to get this blog post up. You’re not going to find a more comprehensive collection of income reports anywhere else. 😉

50 blog income reports! Learn from 50 bloggers and get tips to learn how to make money in your online business! Printable cheatsheet included! I have included first month income reports to seasoned bloggers in this round-up. #money #income #business #blogger
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You can earn an income without blogging about marketing

In a recent post talking about how much do bloggers really make, and we discovered why it was so difficult to find income reports from bloggers in non-marketing niches.

They simply have no incentive to be parading their income online. When you’re blogging about plants, for example, nobody really cares about how much you make from the website.

Well, good news! I have taken pains to only feature blogs who are NOT in my niche (want to find your dream niche?), to show you that you don’t have to blog about blogging if you want to succeed online.

There’s nothing wrong with being in these niches, especially if you have a background in marketing, but I don’t want anybody thinking that they can’t make anything if they aren’t in a marketing niche.

This one is for everyone else. With the right help and guidance, you can earn an income without selling your soul on a topic that you are passionate about. 

***If you’re just starting out (like, you’re a REALLY new blogger and have not started your blog yet), check out this 4-part blogging for beginners guide where you will learn how to start your blog in 20 minutes. It’s been shared over 50,000 times and has helped thousands of new bloggers like you start successful blogs. It’s not that hard. You can do it! I’ll guide you.

What about me? Do I publish income reports?


I do earn a pretty good full-time income from this website and business.

As of now, I do not publish income reports on this site.

Many income reports aren’t really helpful beyond a short-lived “I can do this, so can you” motivational push – I prefer that my readers purchase from me AFTER giving them valuable content or consuming my free courses.

That being said, I do acknowledge that there is nothing wrong with providing motivation to people. I’ve seen plenty of income reports that inspire and spur people to take action on their business. And if you’ve been around here for awhile, you would know that I’m all about the action. 😉

Hence, I may publish income reports in the future. Who knows. We shall see. Maybe if I have some extra time.

Get instant access to The Income Report Cheatsheet: Discover the 7 recurring lessons I observed after reading 100++ blog income reports! (it’s free)

Online Income Report Definition:

A report of sales (and sometimes profits) online by a blogger or online entrepreneur, usually to inspire or be accountable to their readers.

50 blog income reports of successful online businesses, let’s go!

Because of this blog post, I have actually read hundreds of income reports – just that a huge majority of them are either in the make money online niche or make most of their money from blogging related products and so were not included. 🙂

Here’s the list of successful bloggers and their income reports:

1. Easy Baby Life (Parenting) – $4,310 per month

2. Making Sense of Cents (Frugal Living) – $100,000 per month

3. Pinch Of Yum (Food) – Over $60,000 per month

4. Embracing Simple (Intentional Living) – $2,400 per month

5. Mostly Morgan (Lifestyle) – $2,000 per month

6. The BeWitchin Kitchen (Food) – $6,313 per month

7. Yup, It’s Vegan (Veganism) – $1,478.54 per month

8. Practical Wanderlust (Travel) – $4,305.96 per month

9. Fitnancials (Fitness, Travel, Lifestyle) – $4,612 per month

10. Well Kept Wallet (Finance) – $17,714 per month

11. Horkey Handbook (Become a VA) – $20,492 per month

12. Show Me The Yummy (Food) – $46,367 per month

13. Jessica Gavin (Food) – $5,097.80 per month

14. Treasure Gnome (Amazon, Shopify & Ebay Sales) – $9750.93 per month

15. Travel Blog Breakthrough (Travel) – $3,269 per month

16. Arts & Classy (DIY, Interior Design)- $3364.75 per month

17. Pickled Plum (Food) – $4,330.08 per month

18. Pulling Curls (Parenting) – $6,631 per month

19. Rose At Water (Finances, Faith, Family) – $8,304.39 per month

20. While She Naps (Sewing) – $3,152.3 per month

21. Patchesoft (Software Products) – $3,142.12 per month

22. Sewrella (Knitting) – $9755.76 per month

23. The Flooring Girl (Flooring) – $2,006 per month

24. External Expat (Travel) – $2,501.25 per month

25. Recipe This (Food) – $2,431 per month

26. Club Thrifty (Budget Living) – $21,566 per month

27. Just a Girl & Her Blog (Lifestyle) – $41,700 per month

These entrepreneurs don’t publish income reports, but their results have been featured somewhere:

28. Survival Life (Survival) – $1,000,000 per month, as seen here

29. Nerd Fitness (Fitness) – Over $100,000 per month, as seen here

30. Hear And Play (Piano) – Multi-million dollar business, as seen here

31. Timothy Sykes (Trading) – Multi-million dollar business, as seen here

32. Making Midlife Matter (Midlife Lifestyle) – $3,000 per month, as surveyed on Facebook


33. Succulents and Sunshine (Succulents) – 6-figures, as seen here

34. Simple Green Smoothies (Smoothies) – Multiple 6-figures, as seen here

35. Make Something (Woodwork) –  Full-time income, as seen here

36. Master Sketchup (How to use Sketchup) – $3,120 per month, as seen here

37. MarathonNation.us (Marathon training) – 6-figures per month, as seen here

38. Option Alpha (Options trading) – 6-figures per month, as seen here

39. Lay Out A Day (Scrapbooking) – 5-figures per month, as seen here

40. Art of Manliness (Men’s lifestyle) – $33,333 per month ($400,000 a year), as seen here

41. Digital Photography School (Photography) – A multi-million dollar online business, as seen here

42. Speech With Milo (Building iPhone Apps) – 5-figures per month, as seen here

43. The Creative Penn (Self-publishing) – Multiple 6-figures, as seen here

44. Orlando Date Night Guide (Local Date Ideas) – $8,333 per month or $100,000 per year, as seen here

45. Practical Saver 365 (Office 365 Cloud Services) – Full-time income, as seen here

46. Trump Excel (Excel) – Full-time income, as seen here

47. Single Moms Income – $5,592 per month, as seen here

48. Celebrity Baby Scoop (Celebrity Babies) – $25,000 per month or $300,000 annually, as seen here

49. Home Studio Corner (Build a Home Recording Studio) – On track for $300,000 annually or $25,000 per month, as seen here

50. Addicted2Success (Motivation) – 5-figure per month, or 6-figures annually, as seen here

*Wherever possible, these figures are before expenses. You can go check them out if you want the full breakdown.

Get instant access to The Income Report Cheatsheet: Discover the 7 recurring lessons I observed after reading 100++ blog income reports! (it’s free)

This is barely scraping the surface!

There are a ton of extremely successful blogs that don’t share their income. Most of my coaching and course students aren’t from niches that are related to marketing.

For every niche, there are countless successful bloggers absolutely killing it in the niche.

Here’s an example to illustrate. If you’re in the personal development niche, here are just a few 5 or 6-figure (if not 7-figure) businesses. They don’t report an income but if you follow them closely enough, you would know that they have been working on their blogs full-time for years and are very successful.

The list goes on 🙂


I hope that this post has motivated you to start your own blog!

So if you ever hear another blogger going like, “Only bloggers who talk about blogging can earn money”, you totally have to send them this post to help them!

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I was so done trying to convince people, so I decided to write this post instead. 😀

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Branding & Niching

I’ve read hundreds of income reports for this post, and often these successful bloggers talked about what contributed to their success. I have collated the top 7 recurring lessons into a nifty PDF that you can download here:

xx Raelyn

Get instant access to The Income Report Cheatsheet: Discover the 7 recurring lessons I observed after reading 100++ blog income reports! (it’s free)

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