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101 Best Blogging Tools & Resources (2017 Edition)

best-blogging-tools-resourcesAre you setting your blog & online business up for success?

One of the best ways to save time, money and energy is to use the right tools for your online blog business.

Confession: I used to be stuck in the mindset of “doing everything by myself” and being very hesitant to invest in tools that I know will help my business.

Today, I trust in my abilities to make smart decisions for my blog business. Invest in the necessary resources that will propel your business forward and save you time, friend!

101 of the best blogging tools & resources

It was a tough fight of deciding which tools will get “selected” (and many sleepless nights for me).

After a ton of sweat and curation, I’ve narrowed down a few hundred contestants to 101 amazing blogging tools that you can benefit from.

Here are the 101 BEST blogging tools that I love! Use these blogging resources (both free and paid) to make money with your blog, rock it out on social media, find stock photos and more!

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For ease of use, I’ve split them into several categories for your convenience as well.

Note: Some of these are affiliate links, at no additional cost to you.

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Productivity & Lifestyle

1. Evernote: I use Evernote to organize my business – there’s an overwhelming amount of information that I learn every day and I use Evernote to keep me sane! I use it to keep screenshots of my competitor’s offerings with the Evernote Web Clipper chrome extension, organize information from market research for future blog post ideas, as a notepad for the things I learn or want to remember, personal organization of my life and more.

2. Momentum: I love this. This is a free chrome extension that replaces your new tab page with a personal dashboard featuring a stunning photo backdrop, the time, and your personal to-do list.

3. Self Control App: A free mac application that allows you to block your own access to websites.

4. Mindmeister: Mindmapping software to create amazing mindmaps and organize your mind.

5. Meistertask: Great for getting things done, displays to-dos and projects in a kanban style dashboard which I find really useful.

6. Trello: An alternative to Meistertask.

7. Google Calender: Free calendar by Google to schedule your time wisely.

8. Focus Booster: Based on the Pomodoro technique, focus booster will empower you to maintain focus and manage distractions.

9. My Hours: Helps you to keep track of where all your time is going for free.

10. Unroll.me: Easily unsubscribe from multiple mailing lists you are currently subscribed to and go on an email inbox detox today.

11. Sidekick: Sent an email to someone and wonder whether they opened it? Use sidekick and you’ll now be notified when the person has opened your email.

12. Dropbox: Free 2gb cloud storage of your files. You can also use dropbox to store your freebies/ pdfs/ videos and send the link to your readers to access it.

Analytics & Tracking

13. Google Analytics: If you aren’t using Google Analytics to track your website stats you need to start. The best analytics tool for website owners, hands down. Get data on your website visitors. It’s 100% free too!

14. Sumome Heatmaps: Because it’s fun to see what people are clicking on at your blog.

15. Statcounter: Great for small blogs, as it allows you to see who has visited your website, where they’ve came from for each and every visitor in chronological order.

Branding, Video Creation & Visual Marketing

16. Screenflow: Highly recommend for every mac user to use ScreenFlow to record your screen and edit your videos. It is very intuitive and edits my videos really nicely (splitting clips, adding text & transitions, adding music/ images and more!). Check out my tutorial on video creation here: Crushing it With Videos, Part 1: A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating & Recording Awesome Videos Online

17. Camtasia: Similar to Screenflow, this is a video editing software as well, but for PC users.

18. Logitech c920: Looking professional on video is a must for me. This makes a world of difference when I’m filming video trainings or holding webinars – from dark and grainy to HD and superb quality! Bonus: When I’m overseas my loved ones get to see me in HD.

19. Blue Yeti Mic: It looks super cool, and the sound quality is awesome! Great mic for entrepreneurs. Blue Yeti tutorial here.

20. Lighting Kit: I recommend this lighting kit when filming videos so that your face isn’t dark and it looks professional.

21. Canon t3i: My camera which I use to film all videos that do not involve me sitting by my computer.

22. Society 6: Coolass video tapestry backdrops that aren’t as ugly as the dreaded greenscreen.

23. Picmonkey: Mad love for creating beautiful graphics for free! Super simple to use too.

24. Canva: Allows you to create beautiful graphics for free too, has nice templates but less flexibility than Picmonkey.

25. VSCO Cam: An amazing free app for editing your Instagram pictures to get a uniform look for your instafeed.

26. Adobe Photoshop: The best tool (and unfortunately the priciest) to create graphics. Serious.

27. PDF Escape: Create fillable forms on your PDFs for free.

28. Tinypng: Compress png & jpg pictures without losing picture quality before uploading onto your blog to reduce your site speed.

29 – 31. thestocks.im, pixabay and unsplash: An amazing collection of royalty free and beautiful stock images for your blog.

32. Dimpleart: High-quality caricatures for your marketing efforts.


Writing & Content Creation

33. Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer: Amazing headline analyzer that tells you if you’ve a good blog post title or not. Great for writing better headlines!

34 – 35. Portent’s Content Idea Generator & Tweak Your Biz Content Generator: Ran out of ideas for content creation? These title generators will come up with whacky, amazing titles for your blog posts that will appeal to your audience.

36. GrammarlyEspecially great for bloggers whose native language is not English. It finds and corrects grammatical errors, suggest better words for your articles to enhance clarity of your writing and eliminates 250 types of writing mistakes from your blog posts.

37. Open Live Writer: Open Live Writer is a free powerful, lightweight blog editor that allows you to create blog posts, add photos and videos then publish to your website.

38. GetblogoPowerful desktop publishing tool for Mac.

39. Transcribe: Really good audio to text transcription service.

SEO & Keyword Research

40. Google Keyword Planner: Nothing like searching for keywords using the tool created by big G himself.

41. Semrush: The very best SEO tool available. Research on your competitors, do keyword research, and much more.

42. Long Tail Pro: Find Long-tail keywords with this software.

43. Ubersuggest: Google suggestion on steroids – find lots of keyword suggestions for a given keyword!

44. WordPress SEO by Yoast: Best SEO plugin for WordPress users.

Social Scheduling & Autoposters

45 – 47. Buffer, Hootsuite & Edgar: Social scheduling tools to schedule things onto Facebook page/ groups, Twitter and more in advance.

48. NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster: When you publish something new, this free WordPress plugin will automatically publish it onto multiple social networks.

Site Management

49. Uptime Robot: Monitors your website and informs you when it is down, for free.

50. Filezilla: My favorite FTP client that’s 100% free.

51. Gtmetrix: Analyze your website’s speed and performance and makes recommendations on how to improve it.

52. Google Alerts: Get alerted when your keywords/ website name is mentioned on the web.

53. Integrity: Scans for broken links, for mac users.

54. Updraft Plus: Backup your website.. don’t take a risk that you should not be taking.

55. Google Webmaster Tools: Mostly allows you to see what keywords you are ranking for, add your sitemap and to be notified on anything Google wants to tell you with regards to your website.

56. PopupAlly: Craft free and beautiful popups for your website.


57. The Desire Map: This book has really helped me gain clarity on my dreams and core desired feelings. As a result, I’ve gotten a lot more motivated and driven.

58. Psycho-Cybernetics: My mentor recommended me this book to reprogram your subconscious mind and go from being uncertain to being 100% sure that you’ll be successful in your online business. Get over your subconscious blocks.

Courses & Support For Bloggers

59. Free 12 Day Blog Traffic Mini Course: My free blog traffic mini-course will give you 12 days of action-packed, value-laden blog goodness to turbo-boost your blog traffic, straight into your inbox.

60. Blogging Biz on Turbo Mastermind: My free Facebook group where bloggers like you can ask all kinds of blogging & business questions + get support there.

61. Pinning Perfect by BlogClarity: Take this course if you want to be a Pinterest pro. I highly recommend this, you’ll emerge with a clear and solid Pinterest strategy that will skyrocket you to Pinterest success!

Hosting, Domain & Email Service Providers

62. Siteground (Hosting): My recommended host as of this point of writing. This blog is hosted on Siteground. Excellent support, free domain, 30-day money back guarantee, affordable prices. For more information check out my tutorial on how to start a blog.

63. 1&1 (Domain Names): Get domain names here $0.99 for the first year. I like buying domains from this provider because of the cheaper 99cents price for the first year. If you’re like me and buy a gazillion domain names every time an idea strikes your mind, having this lower first year cost is very helpful because you won’t need to spend so much only to cancel your domain name for 98% of your ideas.

64. Convertkit: My recommended email provider, and what I am currently using. It saves you a ton of trouble as its extremely easy to use and has a very intuitive user interface. It also has automation that allow you to tag and segment users to send uber targeted emails.

65. Aweber: If you’re just starting out, use Aweber, it allows you to send automated emails too so you can schedule stuff ahead of time! That was what I used until I upgraded to Convertkit.

66. Mailchimp: They’ve a free plan if you’re on a tight budget and just need a bare-bones email solution.


67. Zippycourses: I use Zippycourses to run all my programs and classes. It is a wonderful membership site plugin.

68 – 69. E-junkie & Gumroad: Sell digital downloads with ease without any hassle!

70. Teachable: All in one solution to sell your digital courses – complete with sales page, video hosting solution and more.

71. Vimeo Plus/ Pro: Host videos that you want to keep private and/or sell on Vimeo!

72. Skype: Talk to 1-1 clients with Skype! Free and easy to use.

73 – 74. Paypal & Stripe: Payment providers to collect your money. Paypal is the most established and common, but has been known for keeping payments from people. Stripe is a very good alternative.

Download your FREE printable: The list of tools that I use behind-the-scenes for my blog + biz daily! »

Pimping Your Blog

75. Click to Tweet: Generate a link that will when clicked on, will bring your reader to twitter with a pre-populated tweet for them to tweet your content. They simply need to click to tweet 🙂

76. Coschedule Click to Tweet Boxes: Use this to generate amazing looking click to tweet boxes on your blog to prompt people to share your content. I have a tutorial here: How To Get More People To Tweet Your Stuff With Beautiful Tweet Boxes (With CoSchedule’s Click To Tweet Boxes)

77. Shareaholic: Great + free social sharing plugin. I use this at the end of all my posts to get people to share my stuff.

78. Wisestamp: Generate a free email signature and get more readers when you’re sending emails without lifting a finger. It’s like your walking billboard online.

79. Manageflitter: Allows you to follow and unfollow really targeted users on Twitter, schedule stuff on Twitter to grow your Twitter following. I love this.

80. Boardbooster: Automatically pin stuff on autopilot with Boardbooster, the pinning scheduler I use and love dearly – get 100 pins for free here.

81. Triberr: A social network of bloggers where the more you share other people’s content, the more they’ll share yours.

82. Buzzsumo: Find the most shared content for given keywords or any competitor’s website.

83. War Fare Plugins: Social sharing buttons that are uber flexible and light-weight. Allows you to control which image will be pinned, allows you to pre-populate what tweet pops up when the person clicks on the tweet button (can even add images) Go ahead and check it out.

Reading Other Blogs

84 – 85. Feedly & Bloglovin: A place to organize, read and share content + find some new blogs.

86. Pocket: Save articles, videos and more to read later with Pocket, it’s also free.

87. Scoop.it: Create boards of curated content based on topics you choose, share your thoughts on those content, and connect with others with similar interests.

Survey Tools

88. Surveymonkey: Create conventional online survey forms. Well-established.

89. Typeform: Like Surveymonkey, but has a different design. Free and beautiful online survey forms to survey your potential readers/ customers

Themes & Landing Pages

90. Leadpages: I’m a big fan of Leadpages, because it helps you to create high converting landing pages, thank you pages, webinar pages, sales pages and more real quickly. The boxes that pop up when you click on something in my homepage are Leadboxes, and they’re converting like mad for me! There are other competitors, but Leadpages is by far the most comprehensive and flexible.

Check out my review on Leadpages here.

91- 92. OptimizepressThrive Landing Pages: Other alternatives for Leadpages.

93. Themeforest: Lots and lots of amazing themes for a good price.

94. Artisan Themes: Artisan Themes allow you to create a really beautiful website using pre-made modules. This allows you to build any kind of site saves you a ton of time. Its founder, Javier, is a really nice guy too! Do check them out.

95 – 96. Thesis & Genesis: Theme frameworks that give you more customizing power, optimizes your site for SEO and many other features. The thesis framework comes with several child themes. For Genesis, you’ll have to purchase a separate child theme from Studiopress to get your desired look.


97. Google hangouts: Webinars on a budget (aka free), or even to talk to clients.

98. Chatwing: Provides a chat client for you to use during your google hangouts. Use Chatwing together with Google hangouts to give your audience a full webinar experience.

99. Webinarjam: Kickass webinar service. It sends out email reminders for me, and hosts my webinars on their servers, and a ton of other features.


100. Hubstaff Talent: Hubstaff Talent is a free directory for remote workers – this platform has zero fees and have been getting pretty good reviews lately!

101. Upwork: I love Upwork because I’ve gotten really good help from there for my business: such as making minor tweaks to my website, fixing code errors, retouching my photos, and much more!

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Hello Raelyn. This is an exceptional list. Thank you.

Raelyn Tan

Glad that it helped you, Fran! 🙂

Good info. Lucky me I recently found your website by chance (stumbleupon). I’ve book-marked it for later!

Thanks Carter. Yes I got a ton of traffic from Stumbleupon recently – Thanks for visiting!

Unroll me was a big help. Thanks for the list Raelyn.

You’re welcome, Yudi! 🙂


Hi Raelyn,

I love the fact that you’re a creative female blogger. I’m subscribed to you on Pinterest and finally managed to stop by & check out your humble abode. I knew about Buffer and NextScripts, but not Edgar. I might discuss that in the near future on DNN as I’ll check it out momentarily and see what they’re all about. Would it be ok if we had an online interview sometime possibly in the near future? (smile)

Thanks and talk soon! 🙂

Hey, thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate you stopping by! And email me about that interview, need more information! 🙂

Great post, Raelyn.

I especially like how you highlighted and linked to all of your recommended resources. Very helpful. Extremely easy to scan for quick reference.

It’s also great to compare notes with people like yourself, whose work I respect, to see what tools you’re currently using. Interestingly, I already use about 80% of what’s on your list, which gives me some added peace-of-mind. Sometimes it’s easy to second guess yourself and wonder if your processes and workflow are as good as they can be.

One last thing … BigStockPhoto.com is now my preferred choice for stock imagery. For the past 4-5 years I had been using iStockPhoto.com exclusively. However, you and Jon suggested BigStockPhoto.com a few weeks ago, and it’s now my “go to” source. Great selection of images. Thanks for that tip!

Hey Hendra, I am glad this article has helped you! 🙂

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