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How to Multiply Your Affiliate Income Using The 80/20 Rule

This is part 4 of 5 of the affiliate marketing series.

Part 1: What is Affiliate Marketing, And How Does it Work?
Part 2: 18 Top Affiliate Marketing Programs to Join
Part 3: 10 Crucial Tips to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing
Part 4: How to Multiply Your Affiliate Income Using The 80/20 Rule
Part 5: The Ultimate Guide: Step-by-step Affiliate Marketing For Dummies


I’m sure you’ve heard about what the 80/20 rule is.

20% of the things you focus on will bring 80% of your results.

When it comes to affiliate income, I’ve found this rule to be incredibly true.

Most people’s affiliate income only come from 1-5 top products.

The rest are just white noise.

This means that you should only really focus only on 1-5 affiliate products on your website.

Here’s how to multiply your affiliate income with this new #truthbomb.

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Disclaimer: You should still diversify your affiliate income

As discussed in part 1 of this series in my post about how affiliate marketing works, affiliate marketing is sometimes risky as your revenue is tied to other people’s products.

If your entire online business model revolves around getting affiliate income, don’t blindly put all your eggs in one basket.

Have other products as well, and utilize today’s post to focus on the products that matter most to your bottom line.

Find your golden eggs


Do you know that there are sites that depend heavily on 1 affiliate product to bring in as much as 80% of their profits? I know, it’s crazy.

They do that because it works.

So, do make an effort to find your golden egg.

A golden egg product is one that brings in a ton of affiliate revenue for your website.

A good way to discover your affiliate golden egg(s) is to look at popular competitors and see the kind of affiliate products they recommend.

If they publish their income reports, even better!

If you see a recurring pattern, you may want to test things out and recommend that product as well.

Having a golden egg product is great because:

  • It will bring you a ton of revenue without much effort
  • You focus less on products that don’t matter, and direct your time to affiliate products with the highest ROI

Normally, this is a product that has a high payout and is something your target audience really needs. 

This is an entirely new way of looking at you affiliate products


This is an entirely new way of looking at your affiliate products.

Focus on a few affiliate products and spend less time on the rest.

It is really as simple as it sounds.

If it’s not a golden egg (eg it only earns a few dollars per sale), you may want to focus less time on promoting it.

Are there any products that you’ve been promoting which have not brought you much income? It’s time to stop your efforts and re-examine what you are promoting.

When you do that, you’ll find that you can multiply your affiliate income really quickly just by focusing on what matters.

Leveraging on your golden eggs

Now that you’ve identified your golden eggs, it’s time to leverage on them to multiply your affiliate income.


A couple of ways:

1. Highlight them on your resource page

Having a resource page (as I’ve covered in this post about how to make money with affiliate marketing) is one thing, having a great resource page is another.

You should always put your golden egg affiliate products right at the top, where people are paying the most attention.

You could put them under a section like, “Top recommend resources” or “Most popular resources” or something like this.

Most people don’t have a long attention span and may simply skim through your list of resources.

Putting the emphasis on your golden eggs will increase the chances of them buying the product from your recommendation.

You can view my resource page here and look at the tools I highly recommend for your blog + biz.

2. Write an entire series of posts about the topic

Depending on what your chosen product is, you may want to write a series of posts that indirectly promotes your chosen top-performing product.

If all roads lead to Rome, all roads on your blog should lead to your top-converting affiliate products.

3. Add them to your sidebar

I don’t do this because I love clean sidebars, but if you want to boost your affiliate income, have your best affiliate products at your sidebar.

Most people do look through your sidebar and if they need what you’re recommending, they’ll browse through it and boom! A sale.

4. Add the relevant tutorial(s) to your nav menu

On the same tangent, add the relevant tutorials that toot these affiliate products onto your navigational menu.

If your product solves a problem your target audience needs, they will click on these tutorials.

I hope that this post has given you a brand new philosophy on how you can approach affiliate marketing!

Here’s to embracing a whole new way of looking at affiliate marketing. Cheers!

This is part 4 of 5 of the affiliate marketing series.

Part 1: What is Affiliate Marketing, And How Does it Work?
Part 2: 18 Top Affiliate Marketing Programs to Join
Part 3: 10 Crucial Tips to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing
Part 4: How to Multiply Your Affiliate Income Using The 80/20 Rule
Part 5: The Ultimate Guide: Step-by-step Affiliate Marketing For Dummies

Continue to Part 5, where we wrap up and look at the A-Z of affiliate marketing (aka the bigger picture): The Ultimate Guide: Step-by-step Affiliate Marketing For Dummies

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Hi Raelyn,
I do not have a website yet. I am on the process of doing research on how to be an affiliate marketer. I find your site informative, but I need more time to read the contents.

Thank you.

Thank you for your kind words, Ellen. Take your time!

Hi Raelyn
thanks for sharing these useful and practical tips. They look easy to implement too. I enjoyed this post and you seem to have expertise worth sharing so I signed up to get more info from you.
Best wishes

Hey Anita, yes I try to keep my articles as simple as possible so that they are actionable 🙂 Thanks for signing up!


Your website is a golden egg! You have broadened my education as a young blogger by miles! Thank you!


Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate it x

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