10 Important Pinterest Strategies That Will Explode Your Traffic (Updated With Latest Changes!)


Hey friends! As you probably know, Pinterest has been changing up a ton of things lately.

In fact, I have personally been adversely affected by the changes due to the shutting down of Boardbooster.

This has led me to do a lot of research on what is working for Pinterest.

Thankfully, the traffic is coming back up again!

Here are some extremely important Pinterest strategies that you have to know about, updated for 2019.

Important Pinterest Strategies to Bring You Traffic (Updated for 2019)

10 hot pinterest strategies and tips for bloggers + entrepreneurs: Learn how to use Pinterest to get more traffic for your business! Ace your pinterest marketing with the right hacks, updated with the latest changes #pinterest #strategies #traffic
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1. Pin consistently

Make sure that you pin consistently to all your boards. Pinterest prioritizes boards that are active. I recommend every day.

Otherwise, I would recommend that you archive your board, or make your board secret, so that you can focus your time on your active boards.

Make sure that you pin consistently to all your boards. Pinterest prioritizes boards that are active.Click To Tweet

2. Have vertical pins that are of a 2:3 ratio

The days of giraffe pins are over.

Pinterest recommends a pin dimension of 600 x 900px. It used to be that longer pins will get more attention, but Pinterest is truncating pins longer than 1260px. Also, there’s a chance that Pinterest is penalizing longer pins.

As a general rule, if your pin is 10% longer than 600 x 900 px, it has to get 10% more engagement to rank as well as a shorter pin.

Personally, I am going back in to change all my pin dimensions.

Are your pins of the right dimensions? Pinterest recommends a pin dimension of 600 x 900px.Click To Tweet

3. Use hashtags

Hashtags are great for fresh content and for getting visitors to your new pin. The hashtag feed displays fresh content for a particular hashtag. When someone is viewing the hashtag feed, your post will show up.

Personally, I feel that having hashtags on your post makes your pin stand out more on the feed. But that’s just me.

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4. Make sure that your followers like your content

When you pin something new, Pinterest will first show it to your followers. If your followers engage well with your pin, Pinterest will then give your pin more exposure.

Hence, having relevant and engaged followers is important. They have to engage with your content.

This has a couple of implications.

Stop pinning unrelated content, because the people that follow you may be looking for cat pictures instead of what you blog about.

Also, consider reaching out to your subscribers, or followers on other social media platforms, and ask them to follow you. Since they already like you, they are more likely to engage.

Stop pinning unrelated content, because the people that follow you may be looking for cat pictures instead of what you blog about.Click To Tweet

5. Be careful with group boards

Guys, be careful with group boards – we have been using them wrong. Pinterest has said that group boards are meant for people to collaborate and curate content together, not for you to tap on someone else’s audience.

Already, group boards are receiving less exposure on the smart feed. Only focus your time on top group boards.

Instead of pinning massively to group boards, I would focus on creating and maintaining your own boards.

6. Keep creating fresh content & fresh pins

Pinterest has stated repeatedly that they favor fresh content slightly. New blog posts get the most priority, but new pins get favored too!

So you don’t have to scramble to write a ton of new content, because there are multiple ways you can create new pins without writing a new post!

  • Redesign your pins
  • Write a round-up post
  • Create a category pin
  • Create a pin for your products & services
  • Create a pin for your freebie/lead magnet
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7. Pin when your audience is actually on Pinterest

It used to be that the first 5 pins of the day that you pin would be prioritized – but not anymore.

What should you do now?

Pin where your audience is online.

If you go over to the “following” tab, you would realize that Pinterest has arranged all the pins of people that you are following according to when they were pinned. You will see the most recent pin first.

Hence pinning when your audience is active on Pinterest will help ensure that your followers see your pins first when they use the “following” tab.

Pin where your audience is online.Click To Tweet

8. There is no difference between manual and automatic pinning

There’s a school of thought, with many famous bloggers claiming that that manual pinning works wonders compared to using an automatic pinning scheduler.

However, Pinterest has repeatedly said that there is no difference between manual pinning and using a scheduler. I recommend using Tailwind because it is approved by Pinterest.

9. Keywords matter

This isn’t a new strategy, but it is worth mentioning again.

Change all the titles and descriptions of your boards and pins to reflect proper keywords that people are searching for on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a search engine, and keywords matter.

Pinterest is a search engine, and keywords matter. Check out this great post with a ton of Pinterest strategies to use for your biz! Click To Tweet

10. Stay updated with the latest Pinterest changes

I will end off by saying that Pinterest has been changing a ton of things. Adaptation is key.

Stay updated with the newest Pinterest updates by signing up for the Pinterest Business newsletter.

Also check the Pinterest best practices page regularly.

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10 Important Pinterest Strategies That Will Explode Your Traffic (Updated With Latest Changes!)

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